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Undergraduate: Media Arts

  • Program Overview

    Media Arts (MDA)

    The Media Arts minor is designed primarily, but not exclusively, for residents of Douglass College, who wish to add an academic dimension to their residential experience. The minor in this Living Learning Center provides for a coordinated set of courses that examine media technology, theory, and practice. Students taking the Media Arts minor are provided with an overview the range of media and explore their effect on contemporary culture.

    There are two tracks that students choose in consultation with the director of the minor: Mass Media and New Media. The Mass Media track not only provides students with an understanding of the history and theory of broadcast media, but the opportunity to gain practical experience in the production and broadcast of radio and television. The New Media track is a project based curriculum in digital media that introduces students to numerous visual, animation, and audio programs, while giving them the opportunity to explore the rapid cultural and social changes brought about by this revolutionary medium. Students select courses appropriate to the chosen track in consultation with the director of the minor.

    The minor prepares students for specialized studies in any one of the media. Media skills broaden career options for students majoring in any of the natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. The Media Arts minor is also for students who simply want to develop critical standards and practical skills in order to live intelligently in this media-saturated world.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in Media Arts (MDA)

    All core courses must be taken at Stony Brook University. At least one 3-credit 300-level or above elective course must be taken at Stony Brook University. No more than two courses applied to the minor can count toward the student’s major or other minor. No more than one elective course in the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option; all other courses required for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher with the exception of MDA/THR 488, which is S/U. (Note: The P/NC option carries financial implications. All students should check with their financial aid advisor before choosing this option.) 

    Declaration of the Minor

    The MDA minor is open to all undergraduate students and takes approximately 4 semesters (fall/spring) to complete and students are encouraged to declare before the start of their sophomore year but no later than the first semester of their junior year depending on target date of graduation. Students should consult with the Faculty Director as soon as possible and plan their course of study for fulfillment of their degree requirements.

    Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

    A. Required Courses:

    • THR 117 Media: Analysis and Culture
    • THR 277 The Media Industry

    One of the following courses:

    • THR 480 Projects in Media
    • THR 488 Internship in Media

    B. Students must complete 12 credits of electives of which at least 6 credits must be 300 or higher.

    • AAS 222 Indian Cinema
    • ARH 207 Technologies of Representation
    • ARH 336 Digital/Visual Culture
    • ARS 225 Intro to the Digital Arts
    • ARS 281 Photography I
    • BUS 334 Consumer Advertising
    • BUS 348 Principles of Marketing
    • CCS 202 Film Genres
    • CCS 311 Gender and Genre in Film
    • CCS 313 Television Studies
    • CDT 208 Intro to Media Technology
    • CDT 318 Movie Making
    • CLT 335 Interdisciplinary Study of Film
    • EGL 194 Film: Mastering the Movies
    • EGL 220 Critical Approaches to the Cinema
    • EST 201 Technology and Trends in Society
    • HUI 231 Sex and Politics in Italian Cinema
    • HUI 338 Italian Americans in Film
    • HUR 241 Russian Cinema
    • HUS 290 Latin American Cinema (formerly offered as HUS 390)
    • JRN 101/103 News Literacy
    • JRN 108 History/Future of Press
    • JRN 220 Media Law and Ethics
    • JRN 301 The Business of News
    • MUS 109 Rock Music
    • MUS 300 Music Technology
    • POL 367 Mass Media in American Politics
    • SOC 315 Sociology of Technology
    • SOC 330 Media and Sociology
    • THR 103 Theatre and Technology
    • THR 110 Public Speaking
    • THR 216 Intro to Visual Interpretation
    • THR 230 Voice
    • THR 246 Stage Lighting
    • THR 298 Student Media Leadership
    • THR 403 Media Theory and Criticism
    • THR 480 and THR 488 (if not used to fulfill core category)


    1. No more than six credits required for the Media Arts minor may be counted toward the theatre arts major.
    2. No more than a total of six credits from THR 480 and 488 may be applied to the minor.
    3. No more than six credits from MDA/THR 480 and 488 may be applied to the minor.


  • Sequence
  • Contact

    Media Arts (MDA)

    Undergraduate College Academy Minor  in Media Arts

    Department of Theatre Arts, College of Arts and Sciences

    Director of the Minor: Norm Prusslin, Theatre Arts

    Administrative Assistant: Ed Quinn


    Office: 3046 Staller Center for the Arts

    Phone: (631) 632-7300


    Other minors of particular interest to students minoring in Media Arts: Journalism (JRN), Music (MUS), Political Science (POL), Theatre Arts (THR)

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