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Undergraduate: Media/Art/Culture

  • Program Overview


    Media/Art/Culture is a specialized interdisciplinary curriculum that brings together art history, film and media history, and photography, film and digital media studio practice. The program offers courses informed by histories of media, technology, and art, explored through specific social and cultural formations. Students engage critically with diverse topics and issues at the intersection of digital art, media, technology, and culture. Students acquire practical skills to create innovative work in digital media, including writing, photography, video, sound, interactive, computational and internet-based media. Coursework emphasizes cross-disciplinary, project-based, and collaborative learning; students practice working in teams and using forms of design thinking that will help prepare them to contribute in a wide range of contemporary workplaces.

    From introductory to upper-level courses, students will build a portfolio of critical and creative work. The senior year capstone course is advised by faculty members. In this course, students work on projects in small and large groups that allow students to leverage their fluency in the history, theory, and practice of digital media, while gaining valuable full-scale development skills. With a flexible format, this final project is also aimed to support students’ next steps: it could be submitted in applying to graduate programs, used in a grant proposal for an art project or exhibition, or shared as a work sample in a job interview. Graduating students will be able to pursue a range of paths, working in artistic, historical, technological, and media contexts.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Degree Requirements - Media/Art/Culture

    The Major in Media/Art/Culture leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Completion of the major requires 12 courses, or 36 credits in total. All courses for the major in Media/Art/Culture must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher, or a grade of S. Please note that enrollment in any course is contingent on requirements stated in the undergraduate course catalog, and some upper-division courses require lower-level prerequisites.

    Introductory courses provide students with the opportunity to gain exposure to media arts history, theory and practice, providing foundational knowledge and proficiencies, enabling realization of critical and creative thinking into outcomes. Intermediate courses critically engage with contexts, methods, processes (analysis and application) of the languages of media. Students also have the opportunity to select special topics courses, or electives outside of the department, expanding the learning experience.

    The following completed requirements lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Major in Media/Art/Culture:

    1. Core Foundations Courses:
      At least three courses (9 credits) from amongst the following, with a minimum of one course from Art Practice and one course from Art History and Criticism:

    Art Practice Courses: 

    • ARS 225: Introduction to Digital Art
    • ARS 281: Introductory Photography

    Art History and Criticism Courses:

    • ARH 207: Digital Media: History/Theory
    • ARH 208: History of Photography
    • ARH 210: Modern Art and the Moving Image
    1. Elective Intermediate Courses - Eight upper division courses (300/400 level) total in either ARS or ARH (24 credits), with at least one course (3 credits) from each of the two divisions:

    Art Practice Courses: 

    • ARS 324: Digital Arts: Design
    • ARS 326: Video Art: Narrative Forms
    • ARS 327: Digital Arts: Web Design and Culture 
    • ARS 328: Digital Arts: Animation 
    • ARS 329: Video Art: Experimental Forms 
    • ARS 381: Color and Light Photography 
    • ARS 382: Analog Black and White Photography
    • ARS 384: Art, Media and Technology
    • ARS 401: Critical Issues Seminar
    • ARS 402: Documentary Media Art 
    • ARS 425: Advanced New Media Art 
    • ARS 475: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I* 
    • ARS 476: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II* 
    • ARS 481: Advanced Photography
    • ARS 487: Advanced Directed Projects in Studio Theory and Practice*
    • ARS 488: Internship*
    • ARS 495: Senior Honors Project in Studio Art*

    Art History and Criticism Courses:

    • ARH 336: The Computer and the Arts
    • ARH 348: Contemporary Art
    • ARH 391: Topics in Global Art
    • ARH 395: Topics in Visual Culture
    • ARH 397: Topics in Photography
    • ARH 398: Topics in Film and Video Art
    • ARH 400: Seminar in Art History & Criticism
    • ARH 475: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I*
    • ARH 476: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II*
    • ARH 487: Independent Reading & Research in Art*
    • ARH 488: Internship*
    • ARH 495: Senior Honors Project in ARH*
    1. Advanced Capstone Class- One course (3 credits)
    • ARH 407: Seminar in Media, Art, and Culture**

    * Pre-approval by Director of Undergraduate Studies and Faculty Advisor required.

    Additional ARS and ARH Topics courses (300 and 400-level) can be used with the permission of the Undergraduate Director by petition if the topic is deemed pertinent to the MAC major.

    Additional courses outside the Art Department can be used with the permission of the Undergraduate Director by petition if the topic is deemed pertinent to the MAC major.

    Additional Notes:

    1. No more than three credits from any internship (488) may be applied to the major.
    2. No more than three credits from any teaching practicum or independent research (ARS 475/476 or ARH 487/488) may be applied to the major. Teaching practicums are supervised undergraduate TA experiences.
    3. No more than three credits from ARH/ARS 487 may be applied to the major.
  • Sequence

    Sample Course Sequence for the Major in Media/Art/Culture

    For more information about SBC courses that fulfill major requirements, click here.


    FALL Credits
    First Year Seminar 101 1
    WRT 101 3
    ARS 225  3
    SBC 3
    SBC  3
    Elective  3
    Total  16
    SPRING Credits
    First Year Seminar 102 1
    WRT 102 3
    ARH 207 3
    ARH 208 3
    SBC  3
    Elective  3
     Total  16

    FALL Credits
    ARS 324  3
    SBC  3
    SBC  3
    Elective  3
    Elective  3
     Total  15
    SPRING Credits
    ARH 336  3
    ARS 326   3 
    SBC  3
    SBC  3
    Elective  3
     Total  15

    FALL Credits
    ARS 327 3
    ARH 348  3
    Elective  3
    Upper-division SBC  3
    Upper-division SBC  3
     Total  15
    SPRING Credits
    ARH 391  3 
    ARH 395  3
    Elective  3
    SBC or Elective  3
    SBC or Elective  3
     Total  15

    FALL Credits
    ARS 384 3
    Upper-Division Elective
    SBC or Elective
    SBC or Elective
    Elective 3
     Total 15 
    SPRING Credits
    ARH 407  3 
    Upper-Division Elective  3 
    SBC or Elective  3
    SBC or Elective   3 
    SBC or Elective  3
     Total 15 
  • Contact

    Media/Art/Culture (MAC)

    Major in Media/Art/Culture

    Department of Art, College of Arts and Sciences

    Chair: Margaret Schedel

    Director of Undergraduate Studies: Andrew Uroskie

    Assistant to the Chair: Laura Sisti

    Office: 2224 Staller Center for the Arts   

    Phone: (631) 632-7250


    Minors of particular interest to students majoring in Media/Art/Culture: Studio Art, Digital Art, Art History



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