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Undergraduate: Leadership Development

  • Program Overview

    Leadership Development (LDR)

    The environment into which graduating seniors enter is a diverse and competitive one. In addition to being well grounded academically, the next generation of leaders must have a solid understanding of effective leadership strategies to motivate and direct the work of others in a meaningful way. The goal of the minor is to allow Stony Brook students with an interest in leadership to better prepare for their chosen professions by incorporating multidisciplinary theory and competencies into their lives.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in Leadership Development (LDR)

    General LDR Minor Requirements

    1. All core courses must be taken at Stony Brook University.
    2. No more than two courses applied to the minor can count toward the student’s major or other minor. Students cannot take more than two electives with the same designator.
    3. No more than one elective course in the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option; all other courses required for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher with the exception of MDA/THR 488, which is S/U. (Note: The P/NC option carries financial implications. All students should check with their financial aid advisor before choosing this option.)
    4. All credits for the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
    5. Students in the College of Leadership and Service are strongly encouraged to consider the minor in Leadership Development, but it is not mandatory.
    6. Students who are not residents of the LDS college are welcome to take the minor.
    7. Students taking the LDR minor are expected to participate in LLC activities.

    Declaration of the Minor

    The LDR minor is open to all undergraduate students and takes approximately 4 semesters (fall/spring) to complete and students are encouraged to declare before the start of their sophomore year but no later than the first semester of their junior year depending on target date of graduation. Students should consult with the Faculty Director as soon as possible and plan their course of study for fulfillment of their degree requirements.

    Requirements for the Minor

    Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

    1. LDR courses: nine credits from these three courses

    • LDR 210 Principles of Leadership
    • LDR 310 Case Studies in Leadership
    • LDR 410 Leadership Exploration and Practicum or  LDR 488 Leadership Development Internship 

    2. Electives (12 credits)

    The course designator of each selected course must be different from the designator associated with any of the student's majors or minors. For example, a student majoring or minoring in Business Management major cannot select any BUS courses, and a student majoring or minoring in Political Science major cannot select any POL courses. In addition, no more than two electives may have the same designator (including cross-listed courses). This is a list of courses appropriate to the minor. The faculty director may choose to modify this list.

    • AAS 370 Intercultural Communication
    • AFS 277/HIS 277 Modern Color Line
    • AFS 325/HIS 325 Civil Right Movement
    • AFS 350/WST 350 Black Women and Social Change
    • BUS 115 Introduction to Business
    • EGL 232/HUR 232 Rebels and Tyrants
    • HIS 104 U.S. Since 1877
    • INT 201 Democracy and Capitalism
    • LDR 488 Leadership Internship (if not used to fulfill core category)
    • POL 101 World of Politics
    • POL 102 Introduction to American Government
    • POL 322 The Presidency in the American Political System
    • POL 323 U.S. Congress
    • POL 324 American Political Parties and Pressure Groups
    • POL 325 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
    • POL 364 Organizational Decision Making
    • POL 374 Global Issues in the United Nations
    • POL 434 Supreme Court Decision Making
    • SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 248 Social Problems in Global Perspective
    • SOC 309 Social Conflicts and Movements
    • SOC 336 Social Change
    • SOC 380 Social Psychology
    • WST 103 Women, Culture & Difference
    • WST 291 Intro to Feminist Theory
    • WST 301 Histories of Feminism
    • WST 347/POL 347 Women and Politics













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    Leadership Development (LDR)

    Undergraduate College Academy Minor in Leadership Development

    Advisor: Anastasia Zannettis

    Office: N3071 Melville Library

    Phone: (631) 632-4378





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