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Undergraduate: Korean Studies

  • Program Overview

    Korean Studies (KOR)

    The Korean Studies Program at Stony Brook has been an intellectual bridge between Korea, Stony Brook, and the United States since 1982. Uniquely poised to be a hub for research and education in Korean religion and philosophy, and supported by an ever expanding library collection in Korean Studies, the Korean Studies Program is now one of the preeminent academic initiatives in Korean Studies in the United States.


  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in Korean Studies (KOR)

    Completion of the minor requires 18 credits. Only one course graded with the S/U credit option may be used toward the minor requirements. No more than three language courses may be used towards the minor.

    Requirements for the minor:

    1. AAS 337 History of Korea or AAS 323 Language and Society in Korea

    2. Five courses chosen from the following, including at least two upper-division (300 or 400 level) courses:

    • KOR 111 Elementary Korean I
    • KOR 112 Elementary Korean II
    • KOR 120 Elementary Korean for Heritage Speakers
    • KOR 211 Intermediate Korean I
    • KOR 212 Intermediate Korean II
    • KOR 220 Intermediate Korean for Heritage Speakers
    • KOR 311 Advanced Korean I
    • KOR 312 Advanced Korean II
    • KOR 331 Social Sciences Topics in Korean Studies
    • KOR 332 Humanities Topics in Korean Studies
    • KOR 411 Advanced Korean III
    • KOR 412 Advanced Korean IV
    • KOR 426 Structure of Korean
    • AAS 217 Introduction to Korean Culture
    • AAS 240 Confucianism and Daoism
    • AAS 247 Modern Korean Through Visual Culture
    • AAS 300 Intellectual History of East Asia
    • AAS 321 Korean Literature
    • AAS 323 Language and Society in Korea
    • AAS 324 Language and Society in North Korea
    • AAS 337 History of Korea
    • AAS 367 Meditation and Enlightenment
    • AAS 400 Seminar in Korean Studies
    • AAS 447 Directed Readings in Asian and Asian American Studies*
    • AAS 475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I
    • AAS 487 Supervised Research in Asian and Asian American Studies*
    • AAS 488 Internship
    • ARH 355 Modern and Contemporary Korean Art 

    Note: Up to six credits taken in Korean Studies-related courses from other institutions and other programs may count for Korean courses with approval of the Director of the Program in Korean Studies.

    *AAS 447 and AAS 487 may be repeated and applied to the minor

  • Sequence
  • Contact

    Korean Studies (KOR)

    Minor in Korean Studies

    Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Director of the Minor:  Heejeong Sohn, Asian and Asian American Studies

    Business Administrator:  Theresa Spadola

    Office: N5520 Melville Library

    Phone: (631) 632-7311


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