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Undergraduate: Japanese Studies

  • Program Overview

    Japanese Studies (JNH)

    In completing the minor in Japanese Studies, students take a series of courses centering on the history and civilization of Japan while keeping in view Japan's close ties with China and Korea. Students choose courses for the minor with the approval of the director of the minor.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in Japanese Studies (JNH)

    All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

    Completion of the minor requires 18-19 credits.

    1. JPN 211 or JPN 212 Intermediate Japanese I or II

    2. Five of the following:

    • AAS 216 Introduction to Japanese Studies
    • AAS 237 Introduction to Japanese Literature
    • AAS 322 Literature of Japan
    • AAS 331/WST 331 Japanese Literature in the Feminine Domain
    • AAS 332 Japanese Literature in the Meiji Era
    • AAS 385 Translation Studies of Asian Languages
    • AAS 447 Directed Readings in Asian and Asian American Studies (appropriate topic only)
    • AAS 487 Supervised Research in Asian and Asian American Studies (appropriate topic only)
    • AAS 382/RLS 382 Japanese Buddhism
    • HIS 220 Introduction to Japanese History and Civilization
    • HIS 344 Modern Japan
    • HIS 353 Postwar Japan
    • HIS 431, HIS 432 Colloquium in Asian History (appropriate topic only)
    • JPN 311 Advanced Japanese I
    • JPN 312 Advanced Japanese II
    • JPN 331 Social Sciences Topics in Japanese Studies
    • JPN 332 Humanities Topics in Japanese Studies
    • JPN 410 Business Japanese
    • JPN 411 Advanced Japanese III
    • JPN 412 Advanced Japanese IV
    • JPN 426 Structure of Japanese
    • JPN 447 Independent Study
    • JPN 487 Independent Research
    • PHI 344 Japanese Thought and Philosophy

    1. Students excused from JPN 211 because of previous Japanese language proficiency are required to take an extra course from Requirement 2.
    2. From requirement 2, no more than six language credits are accepted.
    3. Independent study may fulfill only three credits.
    4. The Japanese Studies minor has full-year and half-year study abroad programs with five major Japanese universities. In addition, a summer program is offered during which students stay with Japanese host families for one month while studying in Japan. Credits earned during these programs count toward the Japanese Studies minor and the major in Asian and Asian American Studies.

  • Sequence
  • Contact

    Japanese Studies (JNH)

    Minor in Japanese Studies

    Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Director of the Minor: Sachiko Murata, Asian and Asian American Studies

    Administrative Assistant: Darlene Prowse


    Office: 1046 Humanities

    Phone: (631) 632-7690








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