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Undergraduate: Filmmaking

  • Program Overview


    The Minor in Filmmaking (FLM) invites students from all disciplines to engage in the power of the cinematic image and its relationship to storytelling. The undergraduate filmmaking minor at Stony Brook immerses students, hands-on, in the art of narrative filmmaking.

    Students who want to tell stories on film need a firm understanding of the power of images and sounds, a solid grasp on how to develop a compelling storyline and the technical know-how to manipulate and transform these images in a way that can inform, educate and persuade audiences of the 21st century.

    Created in the spirit of the innovative MFA in Film, a program with a “roll up your sleeves and dive in” approach, the undergraduate filmmaking courses help students develop the narrative, analytical and technical skills needed to make films that tell the stories they want to tell.

    We begin with harnessing what students already know – their smartphones and their everyday interaction with social media and movies – and build their understanding of filmmaking through workshops that immerse them in screenwriting, film analysis from the professional filmmaker’s perspective, cinematography, editing and production.

    As visual literacy becomes increasingly necessary in a world of moving images, workshops in the craft of filmmaking enable students to develop their capacity for creative and critical thinking as well as the technical acuity necessary to create compelling stories and images as filmmakers.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the minor in Filmmaking (FLM)

    Declaration of the minor: Students should declare the minor in Filmmaking no later than the middle of their sophomore year, at which time they should consult with the directors of their major and minor to plan their course of study. The objective is to fulfill both sets of requirements in a coherent and complementary way.

    Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses toward the minor. Completion of the minor Filmmaking requires 21 credits, distributed as follows:

    A. Introductory Courses required of all minors (6 credits):

    • FLM 101  Introduction to Filmmaking and Television: Visual Storytelling
    • FLM 102  Introduction to Film and Television Composition: How Films and TV Shows Say What They Mean

    B. Three Filmmaking Workshops chosen from the following (9 credits):

    • FLM 201 Visual Storytelling Across the Disciplines
    • FLM 203 Podcasting
    • FLM 215 Scriptwriting for Film and TV*
    • FLM 220 Documentary Filmmaking*
    • FLM 221 Fiction Filmmaking*
    • FLM 301 The Filmmaker’s Toolbox: Cinematography, Sound and Editing
    • FLM 302 Producing Practices for Film and TV*

    *Students may repeat one of FLM 215, 220, 221, 302, 310, and 320 as topic changes, to a maximum of 6 credits per course. 

    C. One Film Survey Course for Filmmakers (3 credits):

    • FLM 310 Story Analysis for Filmmakers and TV Writers*
    • FLM 320 Topics in Film for Filmmakers and TV Writers*

    Note: With the permission of the Director, students may select one 300-level film course from other departments at the university.

    D. Capstone Project (3 credits)**

    All students are required to take the capstone project course or its equivalent. Permission of the Director is required.

    • FLM 402 Capstone Project
    • In consultation with the  Director,  a filmmaking workshop  at the 300- or graduate level (preferably a graduate FLM course offered in Manhattan)  that builds on a project begun in a previous workshop,  or an internship completed through enrollment in FLM 488, may satisfy this requirement. 

    **Note: Workshop courses taken to satisfy requirement B may not be used to also satisfy requirement D.




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    Filmmaking (FLM)

    Minor in Filmmaking

    Southampton Arts Programs

    Undergraduate Program Director: Karen Offitzer

    Undergraduate Program Coordinator:  Liz McRae

    Office: Melville Library, 3rd Floor 






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