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Graduate: Industrial Management

  • Program Overview

    Industrial Management Program 

    Managers and knowledge workers face the challenges of rapid change, evolving technology and burgeoning information in today's global economy. This program's goals are to enable individuals to understand the integration of an enterprise's processes, as well as how to utilize modern tools, techniques and technologies to make their organization more competitive and profitable. The curriculum introduces the strategic fundamentals of the customer/value driven enterprise, the management concepts of organizational design and structure, and the basic business processes for running a successful enterprise.

    The program is offered in conjunction with the Department of Technology and Society and articulates with itsMS in Technological Systems Management as well as SPD's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Matriculation in either of these master's degree programs requires a separate application.

    Gainful Employment Regulation Disclosures

  • Admissions

    Educational Computing Admissions

    A. Personal statement. 

    B. A bachelor’s degree, with a cumulative 3.0 grade point average.

    C. In those cases where the departmental admissions committee deems it desirable, personal interviews with departmental representatives may be necessary.



  • Degree Requirements

    Certificate Requirements

    This certificate program consists of 6 three-credit courses, selected from the list below. 

    1. Core Courses - 9 credits

    EMP 502 Engineering Economics 
    EMP 506 Engineering Enterprise Management 
    EMP 509 Management Information Systems

    2. Required Courses - 6 credits

    Two of the following five courses must be taken:

    EMP 501 Behavioral and Organizational Aspects of Management
    EMP 503 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Management
    EMP 504 Quantitative Methods of Management
    EMP 511 Starting the High Technology Venture
    EMP 517 Quality Management

    3. Elective - 3 credits

    Select one of the required courses or one course from the following list:

    EST 520 Computer Applications and Problem Solving
    EST 530 Internet Electronic Commerce
    EST 581 Methods of Socio-Technological Decision Making
    EST 582 Systems Approach to Human-Machine Systems

    Time to Completion

    All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student unless the student is also matriculated in a master's degree program. Master's students have five (5) years to complete the certificate requirements.

  • Facilities
  • Faculty


    The program's faculty is composed of full-time faculty from the Department of Technology and Society as well as practitioners and researchers who are leaders in the field. 

  • Contact

    Industrial Management

    Program Director
    David Ferguson, 347 Harriman Hall (631) 632-8763

    Graduate Certificate Awarded
    Advanced Graduate Certificate in Industrial Management