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Julian Sands Film and Stage Actor


Julian Sands is an acclaimed British actor from Yorkshire, England. He performed the one-man show A Celebration of Harold Pinter directed by John Malkovich at Stony Brook University’s Staller Center in 2015. Reading primarily from Pinter's Various Voices, a collection of Pinter's prose and poetry, Sands became the voice of Harold Pinter, the Nobel-prize winning playwright dubbed by Newsweek as "the most fascinating, enigmatic and accomplished dramatist in the English language." The performance explored the lesser-known Pinter as poet to discern the private person within the artist. Over the years, Sands has appeared in many films, including the Merchant-Ivory movie A Room with a View (1985); Gothic (1986); Vibes (1988); Impromptu (1991); Steven Spielberg's Arachnophobia (1990); and Stephen King's Rose Red (2002). One of his latest roles was for the TV drama Gotham, in which he plays Dr. Gerard Crane, father of Batman villain the Scarecrow. Sands also appears occasionally on the British stage.

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