"What is truly amazing about this program is that not only have I had the chance to learn craft from some of today's greatest writers, but also that these famous talents treat students as fellow writers. To have my work taken seriously was at first a shock and then a complete joy.

I’ve learned to prize the story over the individual beautiful sentence. I’ve learned that every verb, every comma and every white space between words matters in a poem.

There’s something in the water of the east end of Long Island that nourishes art of all kinds. The concentration of master writers out here is truly spectacular. Not only do you have professors such as Roger Rosenblatt and Jules Feiffer, but then E.L.Doctorow drops by at the
summer conference to chat with students in the evening."

- Brooklyn, NY


"A summer highlight for me, giving me the chance to concentrate on the craft of poetry for a blissful, uninterrupted period of time. In both intense workshops and informal chats, I've created lasting friendships with writers young and old, from all over the country. The instructors are approachable and open-minded. Lively discussions continue...over coffee at breakfast, after readings, at the glorious beach."

- Old Saybrook, CT


"Much like the concept of six degrees of separation, almost everything I've ever achieved in
writing has come as a result of my involvement in Southampton's writing program and its wonderful writers conference. Every story or article published, every opportunity to read work, if I peel back the layers, like checking the notches on a tree, the foundation is always Southampton."

- Stony Brook, NY


"I would like to sing Alleluia for the Writers Conference!"

- Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ


"The accessibility to instructors, their kindness and encouragement have been instrumental to my writing life — actually my life in general. Their openness and warm reception was apparent the first day Bob Reeves introduced himself at the 2005 Writers Conference. Not only did he take the time to chat with me and learn about who I was and what I did, he was able to
juggle the names, backgrounds, and personal interests of the rest of the conference participants, as well as entertain the guest writers — all the while making everything seem effortless."

- St. Andrews, Scotland


"I left the Conference with a renewed sense of purpose, toughened resolve, and connection to a community of writers around the country. I surprised myself by winning an award for fiction. The sessions were packed with more information than I could digest —  a good thing. Another unexpected bonus was how fun it was to play with other writers — swimming, dancing and a lot of laughing. College without the existential angst."

- Marine on St. Croix, MN


"The Stony Brook Southampton Writers Conference has been a life-altering experience for me. After my first conference I won a poetry contest and was hooked. Thank you for enriching my life."

- Boca Raton, FL


"Having attended many writing conferences over the years, I rate Southampton the very best, hands-down. It's large enough that everyone can locate kindred spirits, and personal enough that nobody is excluded. The all-star faculty, the glamour and natural beauty of the Hamptons, and the lively social component make this conference a real winner!"

- Clinton, NY


"The best educational decision I've ever made. In a few short years I went from unpublished to winning literary awards in both poetry and fiction, from anxious and dubious to skeptical yet hopeful (hey, that's great progress for a writer). More importantly, I was afforded feedback, guidance and wisdom from superb writers — Clark Blaise, Matt Klam, Billy Collins — often in a one-on-one setting. I was able to practice the broad spectrum of writing — novel, short story, poetry, plays, screenwriting — in a collegial, creative, supportive atmosphere."

- Hampton Bays, NY