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Enrolling in Winter Classes


Winter Admissions Policy

All visiting students need to be aware that admission to winter classes is for Winter Session only.

For information about undergraduate degree programs please visit Undergraduate Admissions

For information about graduate admission contact: Graduate School

For information about non-matriculated graduate admission contact: School of Professional Development

If you are not an undergraduate student at Stony Brook during the academic year, submit the Winter Visiting Student Application below.

You may enroll in Winter Session on the SOLAR System per the academic calendar provided you have your Stony Brook ID number and SOLAR password.


Current Stony Brook Students

Currently enrolled undergraduate students may register for classes on the SOLAR System per the academic calendar. The enrollment option will appear on your SOLAR page as would any fall, spring, or summer term.

Graduate Non-matriculating students will need to contact the School of Professional Development at 631/632-7050 to be activated for enrollment if they wish to take an undergraduate course during the Winter Session.

Students that have been admitted to the university for the Spring term should visit or call the Registrar's Office to be activated to take courses during the winter session.


Visiting Student Enrollment

You may register on the SOLAR System per the academic calendar if you have submitted the Visiting Undergraduate Student Application on the Winter Session Web site and received your Stony Brook ID number and SOLAR password via email.

You must allow a minimum of (3-5) business days for processing once you have submitted your application.

There is no fee for this application. After submitting your application you will be assigned a Stony Brook ID number and password via email which you will use for all registration transactions henceforth. It is important that you keep a record of your ID number (and the password you select to access the SOLAR System) in a safe place as it can not be sent again. Visit the SOLAR System and click on “Before you Begin” for instructions on how to use SOLAR.

Click here to go to the Admissions Application for Visiting Students

Important Registration Information


Informing the instructor or not attending the class does NOT cancel your registration and it does NOT cancel your financial obligation.

Deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar. You do not need permission to drop courses within the published deadlines.

The Tuition Refund Schedule, as well as, information about refunds appear on the Winter Money Matters page.

Maximum Credit Load

Students are permitted to enroll for a maximun of 4 credits for the winter term. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Petitions will not be accepted.