Who can attend Winter Session?

      Students who attend other institutions and non-degree students as well as Stony Brook students. If you wish to continue studying at Stony Brook after the winter, you must follow the appropriate application Procedures. Click here for Admissions Website

    • How do I register for classes?

      If you are a SBU student you enroll in Winter Session classes on the Web just as you would do during the academic year. If you are a visiting student you must first submit either the visiting undergraduate student or the visiting graduate student application. Then follow the instructions for How to use the SOLAR System.
      What is the "SOLAR" System?

      This is Stony Brook's online student records system. You can register for, drop, and pay for your classes on the SOLAR System. You can also use it to view your class schedule, to see where your classes meet and to view your grades at the end of the winter session. Instructions for using the SOLAR System are posted on How to Use the SOLAR System on this website.

    Spring Term Academic Standing

    Students are eligible to take winter classes regardless of their academic standing status

    • Why do I need a Stony Brook ID number?

      You need this number to register and pay for classes, look up your class schedule or view your grade (s) on the SOLAR System, or have a transcript sent to another institution.

      What do I do if I have forgotten my ID number?

      If you have forgotten your ID number you must come in person to the Registrar/Winter Session Office and provide us with a photo ID for proof of your identity. If you have forgotten your password for the SOLAR System click on the link "Forgot your  password" when you receive the error message and follow the directions to choose a new one

    • How do I find a course description?

      Visit the SOLAR System and you can look up course schedules, locations of classes and descriptions. You do not need a Stony Brook ID number, just login using the the link FOR GUEST. Visit the SOLAR System page. Under Important information use Public Access to Course Catalog.

      How can I check my schedule and find out where my class meets?

      Log into the SOLAR System with your Stony Brook ID number and password.

    • Is financial aid available for the Winter Session?

      If you attend Stony Brook during the academic year check with Stony Brook's Financial Aid Office. Generally, financial aid is not available.

      Should I register for the Graded/Pass/No Credit Option in the Winter?

      If you are a visiting student ask you home institution whether or not they will accept a "P" on your transcript. Stony Brook students should refer to the Pass/No Credit policy detailed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. All winter students are limited to four (4) P/NC credits.

    • How can I have a transcript sent to the school I attend during the academic year?

      The Registrar will send an official transcript to your school upon receipt of your written request and a fee of $10.00, provided your account has been paid in full. Wait until your classes have finished so that your grade(s) will appear on the transcript. You may download the Transcript Request Form from the University Registrar's website.

    • Where can I park and do I really need a parking permit?

      Winter Session commuter students are authorized to park in the Stadium or commuter lots without a permit. Resident students are allowed to park at their assigned building with their current Resident Parking permit.

      For more information on  transportation and parking at Stony Brook University, please visit theParking Permit web site. 

      Where can I eat on campus in the Winter?

      Check at one of the information booths or in the Winter Session FAQ Sheet to find out what dining facilities, other than the Student Activities Center. You may also visit the Campus Dining Website.

    • Why do I need a campus ID card?

      You need this card to participate in a winter meal plan, check books out of the library, register your vehicle, use the fitness center and gym, and to receive any student discounts. You will need your Stony Brook ID number to obtain a campus ID card.

    Is housing available for Winter?

    Please see