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If you have an environmental/ecology related project - present at our Earthstock Research exhibition !


October 31- CHEMISTRY Research day

April 29, 2015 - URECA Symposium (save the date)

New opportunity: Art and Science of the Brain award (new opportunity)


Call for Abstracts - Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creativity


1. Complete online form >>>>>Student participation form (online)

2. E-Mail faculty-approved abstract* (cc your faculty supervisor/mentor) using your last name in file name to:
Please be sure to include a TITLE and AUTHOR line with your abstract!

3. Submit paper copy of abstract to URECA (drop off to URECA or use campus mail).

*To indicate that the abstract has been reviewed/approved, please ask your faculty mentor to sign the paper copy OR to send an email to indicating that the abstract has been reviewed and approved.

***PSYCHOLOGY abstract submissions (Deadline: MARCH 31 APRIL 9) . For all psychology abstract submissions (even if you're not a Psi CHi member), please email  and CC and be sure to include your abstract, and the Psi Chi URECA form which is here. (You do not need to submit the URECA participation form). Please be sure to indicate whether you are interested in doing a poster presentation, an oral presentation, or both!

Length/Format? The abstract should be ~ 300-400 words in length and MUST BE APPROVED by your faculty research supervisor. Be sure to include: 1) title of research project; 2) author & co-author(s) names (use full names, and include relevant lab colleagues/research group, such as grad students/ post docs, and faculty supervisor; and 3) department(s) in which the work was carried out. If research was conducted off-campus, be sure to indicate the research institution where your work was done (e.g. Brookhaven National Labs, name of university, etc.). Underline the names of all undergraduate co-authors. The abstract should also recognize any funding sources. For example, “This work was supported with funding from Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URECA).” Tables or graphs may be included if they are relevant and appropriate to the discipline.

Please mail/drop off paper copy of abstract to:

URECA Programs, Melville Library N3005/N3070, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3357

Using Campus Mail? Our zip=3357.

IMPORTANT!!: Don't forget to email a copy of your abstract to Karen Kernan.

Abstracts of work presented will be published in URECA's Collected Abstracts book. Abstract books from past years available at URECA Program office. Stop by and browse! See also Sample Abstracts as well as advice/tips on poster presentation/writing abstracts.

Participants get published in URECA Collected Abstracts!