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Getting to STONY BROOK?
Need directions?
Local Long Island/Stony Brook information
(*including links to Long Island Railroad, Port Jefferson & Orient Point ferries, etc.)



What do I need to do BEFORE the REU program begins?
Once you've been accepted into the REU program and received the name of your research supervisor, we encourage you to contact your mentor directly, by email first. Ask for recommendations regarding papers you might read to get a sense of the lab's goals, and ongoing research projects in the lab. Find out who will be your other colleagues (grad students, post docs) in the lab. You may also wish to look over past REU participant abstracts (Chemistry, Physics).

What about ID cards? other paperwork?
All the REU participants will receive information on the first day of the program regarding the summer schedule and overall program expecations, as well as practical information (how to get ID cards, where to pick up your stipend checks). Note that your first check may not be ready until approximately two weeks into the program.


Orientation info: to be announced.

Questions regarding Paperwork, Orientation, ID Cards?
Karen Kernan
Director, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URECA) Program, 631-632-7114

Travel Plans
You will have a reimbursement allowance for round-trip travel expences to/from Stony Brook. Start dates for the REU Physics and Chemistry Dates vary. Once you receive confirmation, we will ask you to arrange your travel plans to and from Stony Brook and save all receipts so that we may quickly process your reimbursement. If you are traveling by car keep track of mileage for reimbursement. Receipts can be airline or train tickets, tolls and/or ferry costs, and the cost of transportation from an airport. The closest airport to Stony Brook University is Islip MacArthur Airport. Southwest Airlines is one of the largest and most reasonable airlines flying out of this airport. Fares for shared rides to and from the airports (including JFK Airport) are typically less than $75: you may wish to arrange this in advance with Spartan Limo (631-928-5454) or Classic Car Service (631-650-3622). There is also an airport train which runs ever 4 minutes to Jamaica, Queens where you can connect with the Long Island Rail Road to Stony Brook.

As an REU participant, you are provided with on-campus housing in Summer Conference Housing (cost covered by the program). You will be assigned suitemates/roommates (other participants in SBU summer research programs). The rooms consist of 2 or 3-bedroom suites; each suite includes a sitting room (3-seat couch, 2-seat couch, 2 end tables and lamp), bedrooms (each containing 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks w/shelves, lamp), and bathroom. Room phones are for incoming calls and on-campus calling, as well as for credit card or collect calls. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available in the lower level of each residence hall. Every room will have ethernet capabilities( not dial up). You just need to plug your computer into the ethernet jack and obtain an IP address. You will also have access to computer facilities/SINC sites on-campus, as well as campus recreation facilities, when you receive your ID card. Small refrigerators (limited supply) can be rented from the Summer Conference office but you may wish to bring your own.

What to Bring to the Residence Halls at Stony brook
Suggested Essential Items: Pillows and linens for an extra-long twin bed, Towels, Personal hygiene items, Shower caddy, Shower flip flops, Bathrobe, Hangers, Laundry basket, Detergent, Quarters,
Fan, Tack gum (to hang posters), Alarm clock, Radio/stereo, Flashlight, Computer disks, Surge protectors (for all electronic equipment), Backpack, Umbrella, Sewing kit, First-aid kit,
Basic Cleaning products and equipment.
(Housing personnel clean student bathrooms and areas outside student rooms and suites only; students are responsible for cleaning their rooms.)
Suggested But Not Necessary Items: Computer (PC or Laptop), TV, Small refrigerator
What Not To Bring--Toaster Ovens, hot plates, air conditioners, pets, nails, candles, extension cords, and halogen lamps.

Meals? what should you bring?
The Student Activities Center (SAC) has a cafeteria available for your use (closes at 6:00 pm during the summer) and you will be provided with a meal card allowance; there is also a cafeteria located in the Health Sciences Center. In addition, you will also have access to shared cooking facilities in the Summer Conference Housing buildings, and may wish to bring cooking equipment/utensils. You should also provide your own linens/towels. If it is alright with you, we will share everyone's email address to allow you to plan any shared items such as cooking equipment, etc. If you prefer not to share e-mail addresses, please let us know.

Will I be able to park on campus?
You will be able to obtain a visitor's parking permit for the summer. Ask at the housing office when you check in to your room.Some students also like to bring a bicycle for easy access on and off campus.

Mailing Address?
If staying in Summer Conference Housing, your mailing address during the REU program will be:
Conference Housing, 600 Circle Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790-3406
Attn: Residents Name and Building (Roth Quad)

Medical Coverage?
We will provide you with a letter stating that you are a participant in our REU Summer Program and should have access to the on-campus Student Health Services; but you will need to pay by cash or check for the use of Health Services.

Please contact Karen Kernan at 631-632-7114 or if you have any other questions regarding the REU program.