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See also "Communicating your Science" on the WebGURU research guide for undergraduates

Giving Poster Presentations/Talks

* Students presenting at the URECA Research Celebration are encouraged to come to a workshop on poster presentation on April 13 (Wed) at 8:30 am- Honors College Lounge - by Prof. Carlos Simmerling. Sign up at URECA office or send email to

Talk to members of your lab for tips on putting together a poster (styles may vary). Here are some useful links/tutorials on the subject:
American Association of Petroleum Biologists, “A Guide”
American Society of Plant Biologists, “How to Make a Great Poster”
Clark University, Guidelines for Student Posters”
“Dos and Don’ts of Poster Presentation, Biophysics J. , Princetoncelebrationpic1
Scientists Explain What Makes a Great Scientific Poster
Society of American Archaeology, “Getting Graphic”
University at Buffalo (SUNY), Libraries, “Poster Presentations”
University of Kansas Medical Center, “Designing Effective Posters”
U. of Pittsburgh Natural Sci.Undergraduate Research, "Guidelines for Poster Preparation"

Rutgers University, “Public Speaking”
Swarthmore College, “Gratuitous Advice on Giving a Talk”
University of California Irvine, “ Presentation Guidelines”


Intel ISEF, "Writing your abstact"
Rensselaer /RPI Writing Center, “Abstracts”
U. of California Irvine”  “How to write an abstract”; “Writing a Smashing Abstract Takes Practice"

General information about Scientific Presentation
Consult classic works such as Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information and/or The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Graphics Press). Also recommended, Scientific Papers and Presentations by Martha Davis (Academic Press, 1997); The Craft of Scientific Presentations by Michael Alley (Springer Science, 2003); and The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science by Scott Montgomery (University of Chicago Press, 2003).