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Get published! Submit your abstract for the upcoming Celebration of Research & Creative Activity!

Being published as an undergraduate is quite an achievement! But have patience: it doesn't always happen, or happen right away! For example, Victoria Khalef's research on threespine stickleback fish (Bell lab) was presented at the URECA Celebration, and was the subject of an honors thesis in biology. But it would be another 3 years until all this hard work as an undergraduate researcher was recognized with a publication in the Journal of Experimental Zoology (Mol Dev Evol) 308B: 189-199 (2007) Congratulations to Victoria Khalef and the Bell lab! And thanks for acknowledging URECA's small grant support of the project!

Get Published


A great way to share your work is to participate in the campus-wide symposium—the Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity. Many students get published for the first time in the URECA Collected Abstracts book.


Also - have you thought about joining Stony Brook Young Investigators Review? Check website to see if Staff writers/editors are needed.


Beyond the SB campus
Other forums include:
The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence
JUR is supported by the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry in the Institute for Learning and Teaching at Colorado State University. The journal combines undergraduate and faculty involvement to create a cooperative approach to the peer review process and is registered with the Library of Congress. Since we accept submissions from all disciplines of undergraduate study and from any accredited institution of higher education, JUR is a truly unique journal. 

The Journal of Undergraduate Studies
JUS welcomes submissions from undergraduates at any level who are engaged in research in any scientific or science-related discipline. Articles are reviewed by an academic board appropriate to the field of research (e.g., Molecular & Cellular Biology). The Editors will determine the suitability of an article for publication based on the comments and recommendations of the academic board.

The National Journal of Young Investigators
An on-line faculty and student reviewed, peer edited and published, national journal whose staff is composed of undergraduate students from diverse academic institutions across the country.

More tips on "Communicating Your Science" available at WebGURU's guide to research.



Publication(s) from recent SB undergraduates:

Wnt and Frizzled RNA Expression in human mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells