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Celebration Schedule

April 30th, 2014


Posters/ Exhibits,
SAC Ballroom A, Why Lobby (SB MOTORSPORTS!), & SAC GALLERY, 10 -4

Welcome remarks. 12:30:

Dr. David Bynum, Director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Dr. Charles Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

*LUNCHES available at ~ 12:45/1 pm

**Closing - deinstall/wrap-up, 4 pm:

Oral Presentations *(2014 times/locations to be updated):

CEAS Senior Design (SAC 302, 2:00-4:00 pm)
Goddard Family Charitable Scholars Presentations (SAC 306, 1:00-2:20 pm)


English (SAC 304, 1:00-2:30 pm)
History (SAC 305, 10:30 am -12:30 pm, 2:00 -3:30 pm)
(SAC 302, 10:45 am-1:00 pm )


CEAS Nanotechnology Presentations, SAC 304,

9 am, Welcome & Introductory remarks, Gary Halada, Materials Science & Engineering

Schedule & presenations, TBA




CEAS Senior Design Presentations, SAC 302, 2:00-4:00

Biomedical Engineering

Pressure Gauges gloves for patients with hand conditions
Arely Clavel, Susan Matthew, Sweta Roy, Krystal Pynn, Morgan Teeratananon
Faculty advisor: Wei Yin, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Chemical & Molecular Engineering

Design of an Antibody-Drug Conjugate – An Enabling Modality for Natural Product Based Cancer Therapeutics
Matthew Zirpoli, Stefani Ahsanov, Stephanie Song, Elaine Zhu, Max Tenenbaum
Faculty advisor: Devinder Mahajan, Chemical & Molecular Engineering Program, Department of Materials Science & Engineering; Industrial Advisor:  Elias Mattas, Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Electrical & Computer Engineeering

Smart Chemical Sensor/Alarm System
Kevin Vinh, Saju Jose, Veronica Reid, Ahmed Paul
Faculty advisor:   Leon Shterengas, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Engineering Science


Mechanical Engineering

Automatic Battery Exchange Station for Aerial Vehicle
Connor Beierle, Brian Streckenbach, Ankit Tyagi
Faculty advisor: Jon Longtin, Department of Mechanical Engineering

*Note: order of presentations may vary.


Goddard Family Charitable Foundation Scholars Presentations, SAC 306,

1pm, Welcome & Introductory remarks

1:00 pm
A Retrospective Look at the Undergraduate Research Experience
Sowmya Sundaresh (Goddard Scholar Alumni); Faculty advisor: Congwu Du, Department of Biomedical Engineering

1:20 am
Trivia Scout: An Interactive Approach to Education
Yukti Abrol, Shalvi Ashraf ; Faculty advisor: Anthony Scarlatos, Department of Computer Science

1:30 am
Dynamic Phantom for fMRI: Modeling Brain Activity
Pratha Katti; Faculty advisor: Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Exploring the Spatial Resolution Limits of Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
Arnavi Varshney; Faculty advisor: Paul Vaska, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Biosciences Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory

1:50 am
Low intensity vibration in vitro increases proliferation in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell populations isolated from obese rats after sleeve surgery
Ariel Yang, Faculty advisors: Mei Lin (Ete) Chan and Clinton Rubin, Department of Biomedical Engineering


English, SAC 304, 1:00-2:30 pm

Dr. Susan Scheckel, Department of English

Discovering Mythology: an Investigation of the Unnamed Character in Gaiman's American Gods
Jack Conte; Faculty advisor: Bente Videbaek, Department of English

Young Adult Novels: Creating a Cultural and Engaging Learning Experience with Common Core in Mind
Taylor Doherty, Anthony Levin, Shari Plummer; Faculty advisor: Patricia Dunn, Department of English

'It's All Imaginary': Belief in Neil Gaiman'sAmerican Gods.
Heather Kramer; Faculty advisor: Bente Videbaek 

The Waters are Rising, Leave Me Be
Nicholas Maggiore; Faculty advisor: Bente Videbaek, Department of English

Re-Mixing, Authenticity, and Female Masculinityin German and American Youth Culture
Caterina Reed; Faculty advisor: Bente Videbaek, Department of English

“True History”: How Literature and Monuments Shape Perceptions of the Civil War
Marley Solomon; Faculty advisor: Susan Scheckel, Department of English

Creating Infographics to Explore Connections between Informational Texts and Young Adult Literature
Brittany Wilson; Faculty advisor: Ken Lindblom, Department of English


History, SAC 305, 10:30-12:30; 2-3:30

Dr. Susan Hinely, Department of History

Maxim Litvinov
Collin Bartoldus; Faculty advisor: Michael Barnhart, Department of History

Who cut the cheese? The effect of the Civil War on cheese production in Allegany County, New York
Rachel Hoelzer; Faculty advisor: Bill Miller, Department of History

A Wilde shift:  exploring the social construction of the homosexual identity in 19th Century Britain through the Cleveland Street Affair and the trial of Oscar Wilde
Kara De Sanna; Faculty advisor: Susan Hinely, Department of History

Traditional medicine and temperance: the complexities of health policy in South Africa under British rule
Michael Hofmann; Faculty advisor: Shobana Shankar, Department of History

The search for a Chinese National Identity: comparing nationalisms of Kang Youwei and Sun Yat-sen
Enoch Kun; Faculty advisor: Iona Man-Cheong, Department of History

Renaissance intellectual magic and numerology
Irene Protopapas; Faculty advisor: Alix Cooper, Department of History

Retelling History: Pierre Laval Avoids His 12 Bullets
Joseph Santangelo; Faculty advisor: Michael Barnhart, Department of History

Moral degeneracy in post-Colonial South Africa
Ryan Schmitt; Faculty advisor: Shobana Shankar, Department of History

The Fate of the “Iranian Hypothesis” of Mithraism
Brandon Supak; Faculty advisor: Paul Zimansky, Department of History




Psychology - SAC 302 -10:45-1:00

Introductory remarks,  Psi Chi Coordinator, Patrice Goldstein

10:45 am
Effect of emotion on working memory in psychotic disorders
Samantha Shetty: Faculty advisor: Aprajita Mohanty, Department of Psychology

11:00 am
Intolerance of uncertainty and predictability of threat
Brian Chin; Faculty advisor: Greg Hajcak Proudfit, Department of Psychology

11:15 am
Lower spatial working memory performance correlates with the increased activation in the default mode network in children
Andrew Seunghyun Lee, Faculty advisor: Hoi-Chung Leung, Department of Psychology

11:30 am
An investigation of the Maryland Assessment of Recovery in People with Serious Mental Illnesses and subjective recovery
Roohi Maini; Faculty advisor: Roman Kotov, Department of Psychiatry

The role of childhood maltreatment in the development of other medical comorbidities in bariatric surgery-seeking populations
Elizabeth Olsen; Faculty advisors: Dina Vivian, Aprajita Mohanty, Department of Psychology

Noon – 12: 15 – BREAK

12:15 pm
Replication study: attentional deployment on amygdala activity, state-trait anxiety, and gaze behavior
Simon Huang; Faculty advisor: Turhan Canli, Department of Psychology

12:30 pm
Effects of rhythmic asynchronies in a visual response task with auditory entrainment
Zachary Gursky; Faculty advisor: Antonio Freitas, Department of Psychology

Emotion regulation under threat of shock
Elizabeth Parisi; Faculty advisor: Greg Hajcak Proudfit, Department of Psychology