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Photo (left) : Rohit Repala, Avinash Khanna, Dr. Iwao Ojima, Eugene Tan, and Alex Treyer at the 2007 Beckman Symposium in California

Beckman Fellows at SB
Stony Brook's previous Beckman Scholars & Research Groups are listed below:

Jean-Luc Chaubard (Haltiwanger)
Jeffrey Fei (Smith)

Eugene Tan (Haltiwanger), Avinash Khanna (Tonge)

Rohit Repala (Ojima)
Alex Treyer (Bogenhagen)

Jennifer Choy (Sternglanz)
Winnie Mok (Leatherwood)

Charlotte Eng (Grey)
Tracy La Grassa (Carter)


Beckman Scholars Program at SB

June 2008-August 2009

Description of program:
Beckman symposiumIn 1998, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation established the Beckman Scholars Program to stimulate, encourage and support research activities by exceptionally talented undergraduate students working in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, the biological and medical sciences or some interdisciplinary combination of these subjects. This prestigious, national award comes with generous student financial support and provides for in-depth, sustained undergraduate research experiences under the guidance of a faculty mentor for two summers and one academic year. Beckman Scholars are funded to travel to the annual Beckman Scholars Symposium in Irvine, California. For more information, see the official Beckman Scholars Program website.

The Beckman Scholarship is the premier undergraduate research award at SB. Two Beckman Scholar awards are available for 2008-2009.

Total award per student: $19,300
[$16,000 stipend support-$6,000 for two summers; $4,000 for academic year; plus $3,300 in research supplies and funds for travel to scientific meetings]

Participating Faculty Mentors:
In accordance with the Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation guidelines, Beckman Scholars must commit to doing research for two summers and one academic year in the labs of one of the following faculty mentors:

Beckman Faculty Mentors:
Dr. Daniel Bogenhagen, Pharmacology
Dr. Nancy Goroff, Chemistry
Dr. Robert Haltiwanger, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Dr. Iwao Ojima, Chemistry
Dr. Daniel Raleigh, Chemistry
Dr. Carlos Simmerling, Chemistry
Dr. Steve Smith, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Dr. Peter Tonge, Chemistry

More information on the research interests of these faculty can be found on their web pages. Each has ample experience directing undergraduate research projects in which undergraduate students make meaningful intellectual and experimental contributions.

In order to qualify, candidates must by SB students who are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents in their sophomore or junior year, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. Applicants should be pursuing a major and/or have a strong research background in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology or biomedical sciences, or an interdisciplinary combination of these subjects.

Research project proposals will develop from consultations between the mentor and the Beckman Scholar. Note that the applicant's prior research experience may have been conducted in the lab of a faculty not on the list of participating mentors. All applicants are encouraged to meet with a faculty from the list of participating mentors, so that a potential project for the Beckman Scholarship can be discussed, outlined and developed collaboratively.

Once selected, Beckman Scholars are required to commit to doing research for two summers and one academic year of sustained, in-depth research in the laboratory of his/her faculty mentor. A student will retain the Beckman Scholar funding as long as he/she continues to excel academically, is in good academic standing, and his/her research work shows satisfactory progress. Note: Beckman Scholar summer funds may extend through the summer following graduation. Academic course performance, communication skills, and seriousness of interest in scientific research will all be considered by the selection committee. Previous research experience is strongly recommended. Candidates will be interviewed by the faculty selection committee. All applicants will be notified of their status by mid-April.

A complete application should include:

1) a completed application form, with one-page attachment on research project
2) a transcript (unofficial)
3) two letters of recommendation, including one letter of recommendation and commitment from the Beckman faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise your research over the next two summers and academic year; and an additional letter from a faculty member who can comment on your academic and/or research abilities.

The letters of recommendation should comment on the applicant's research capabilities and potential to carry out the specific project, as well as the applicant''s potential for graduate study and for becoming a leader in his/her ultimate science-related career and profession. The letters should be provided in a sealed envelope with the faculty's signature across the seal.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. )

Application Deadline:
February 15, 2008 Not offered in 2009.

Please submit to:
Beckman Scholars Program
Attn: Karen Kernan, URECA
Melville Library N3070/N3005
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3357

For more information on the Beckman Scholars program, contact Karen Kernan via e-mail or at 631.632-7114.