Senate Executive Committee

The function of the Executive Committee is to act for and to further the activities of the University Senate. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, four Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and Treasurer of the Senate, the President of the Undergraduate Student Government or designee, and the President of the Graduate Student Organization or designee. The Stony Brook representatives on the SUNY Faculty Senate shall choose one of their number to represent them as a voting member of the Executive Committee. In addition, the President-elect shall serve on the Executive Committee as a voting member immediately upon election. The immediate past-President shall serve on the Executive Committee until a new President is elected. If, for any reason, the immediate past-President cannot serve until a new President is elected, the Executive Committee will identify another past-President to serve for this period. The President of the University Senate shall chair the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee normally will meet with the campus President once a month and the campus Provost once a month during academic terms.

Current Executive Committee members

Edward Feldman, President
Fred Walter, Past President
Kathleen Monahan, Secretary and Treasurer
Darren Chase, President, Arts and Sciences Senate
Alan Tucker, Vice President, CEAS
Norman Goodman, SUNY (State-Wide) Senator
Mary Kritzer, HSC Representative
Stephen Walker, HSC Representative
Paula Di Pasquale-Alvarez and Kenneth MacDowell, Professional Employees Governing Board
Camilo Rubbini, GSO
Ayyan Zubair, USG