Senate Standing Committees
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Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA)
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This Committee shall review budgetary procedures and priorities for planning and resource allocation in the Presidential, Provostial, and Vice-Presidential areas. It shall be consulted by the University Administration on these matters and on proposals for new colleges, schools, and inter-collegiate programs, and it shall seek advice from other University Senate committees whenever appropriate.

Administrative Review
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This Committee shall be the chief body of the Senate for reviewing and evaluating administrative performance and proposed reorganizations. It shall be consulted about and represented on all search committees at the level of Dean or above.

Committee on Information Technology More >>

The Senate Committee on Information Technology (SCIT) serves as the primary faculty advisory body for the University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). This committee shall advise the CIO, and assist in crafting University IT strategy, policies and priorities. SCIT shall also help to develop policies about projects and initiatives involving information technology that support education, research and administration on campus. As technology permeates every aspect of the University, this committee shall be formed of representatives from all other Senate Standing Committees as well as elected members from the campus community

Educational Services More>>

This Committee will review and evaluate the educational support services with the goal of enhancing the University's educational mission.
Among the areas of responsibility are:
(1) implementation of new educational pedagogies,
(2) development of new learning environments,
(3) application of new education technologies

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities More >>

This Council shall advise the President, the Provost, or both on behalf of the University Senate on conflicts between members of the academic community in matters relating to the academic rights and responsibilities of all those holding qualified or unqualified academic rank: on possible abuses of these rights, on breaches of ethics, and on questions of conflict of interest. This Council will not, however, infringe on those rights and responsibilities that are incorporated into the bargaining unit agreement.

Graduate Council More >>

This Council shall advise the Dean of the Graduate School and monitor all aspects of the University's graduate program.



Library Services and Resources More >>

This committee shall advise on all aspects of the university library and recommend improvements in the resources, services, and operation of the library so as to foster an excellent innovative culture of education and research.

Research More >>

This Committee shall consult with and advise the Vice President for Research, the Provost, and other administrators, as appropriate on all aspects of the research enterprise and scholarly activities on campus.

School of Professional Development (SPD) Council More >>

This Council shall consult with and advise the Dean of the School of Professional Development on all aspects of the SPD program.

Student Life More >>

This Committee shall consult with and advise the Vice President for Student Affairs and shall monitor all co-curricular aspects of resident and commuter student life, both undergraduate and graduate, and shall work with Undergraduate Student Government, the Faculty/Student Association, the Residence Hall Association, the Commuter Student Association, and the Graduate Student Organization.

Undergraduate Council More >>

This Council shall review and recommend policy to the Provost and other administrators, as appropriate, concerning all aspects of the University's Undergraduate academic program including: (1) recommending the minimal instructional responsibilities of instructors; (2) monitoring the undergraduate programs through participation in University accreditation and periodic reviews of academic programs; (3) reviewing and coordinating all curricular and other academic matters that are not limited to a single major governance unit; and (4) monitoring policy concerning undergraduate admissions and scholarships.

University Affairs More >>

This Committee will examine all aspects of the University's public image and fundraising, including publicity, athletics, and alumni relations.

University Environment More >>

This committee shall examine all aspects of the university environment, including but not limited to conservation of natural areas, ecological preserves and historic sites and artifacts; transportation, parking issues, infrastructure, facilities planning, human health issues, safety and security, energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, and general appearance of all university locations. It will consult with and advise the Vice-President for Facilities and Services and the Vice President for Student Affairs.