University Environment Committee
November 23, 2010

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: Gilbert Hanson, John Murray, Robert Aller, Gary Mar, Matt Aiello-Lammens, John Shandra and Paula Di Pasquale-Alverez
Excused:  Paul Siegel; Vice-Chair, Nancy Balkon, and Eric Lamberg,


Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 10:35 AM

1 - Introductions – John Robinson passed around agenda and Nick passed the sign-in sheet.

2- Review of the Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the October 19, 2010 by John Shandra and seconded by Gilbert Hanson all in favor and no abstentions.

  • Communications  – John Robinson
    • Discussion was had regarding the President and University Senate to meet with the committee and allow the continuum to work together and reestablishing communications.
    • Nick read the charge to the committee to remind them of the mission and expressed that we keep that on the forefront of our committee.
    • Matt L inquired about the process for land leases and a discussion was had. Terms and conditions of how it is established as a public document.
    • A discussion was had about understanding what limits we can discuss issues that are not conflicting as there should be transparency with what we do.
    • Robert A mentioned that Steven Englebright had spoken with the Environment Committee in the past as well as Beyer Blinder and Belle Architects & Planners LLP.
  • Facilities Focus Group – John Robinson
    • John R volunteered to meet with focus group at couple of meetings to discuss issues that affect our committee. Lake Brianna and other important agenda items were discussed as well.
  • January Agenda Meeting – John Robinson
    • Chief Robert Lenahan is invited to speak with the committee at our next meeting in January. There will be a discussion on bicycle safety. Matt will discuss the issues with Amy and Robert rose in the committee. Meeting date to be scheduled.
  • Bicycle Use Committee – John Robinson
    • Matt L spoke about bike safety as there may be plans to expand the east campus bike path with an estimated cost of $500k. Other issues were discussed such as increasing storage and shelter for bike facilities. Long term broad scale bike share and bike swap program to rent a bike. Various central hubs to park and swipe card to acquire a bike. They are developing similar program for Free wheel located in the Student Union Building. They accept donations and then give away abandoned bikes as they get them from University Police. John R inquired whether there were safety concerns. Gill H asked if anyone talked about bikes at dorms and to how to utilize space in dorms. Many bikes are abandoned and ~30 per year.


December meeting TBD and a decision will be made whether to conduct a meeting starting January 2011.

  • Meeting adjourned 11:50 AM.