University Environment Committee
Friday, March 18, 2011

Administration Building - VP Conference Room 2nd Floor
9:30 am – 11:00 am

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; Paul Siegel, Vice-Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: John Murray, Matt Aiello-Lammens, Robert Aller, Gary Mar, Andrew Greco, John Sparano and Malcolm Bowman.
Excused: Nancy Balkon, John Shandra, Eric Lamberg, Anne Doherty, Gilbert Hanson, and Paula Di Pasquale-Alverez
Staff: Amy Provenzano

Guests:   Barbara Chernow

Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 9:35 AM

1 - Introductions – John Robinson passed around the agenda and Nick passed around the sign-in sheet. There were introductions of all the attendees.

2- Review of the Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the February 18, 2011. Minutes not adopted for February’s meeting.

  1. Special Guest – Introduced by John Robinson
    1. Updates on campus facilities issues Barbara and Amy
      1. Master plans discussion to present again
      2. Look to add trees in open areas.
      3. Barbara Chernow would like to schedule another presentation since Robert Aller was unable to attend the last meeting.
      4. Robert said the Senate Executive Committee also would be interested on the plan.
      5. Paul talked about native species of trees.
      6. John Robinson would like to revisit the plan the next meeting.
    2. Update on lake Briana living laboratory proposal
      1. There was a discussion on the Lake Brianna proposals.
      2. The Lake would be a living laboratory while maintaining as recharge basis.  Legal aspects were discussed.
      3. Amy to inquire about the updated cost for the fence. She needs a copy of the plan proposed to provide an estimate for all the work.
      4. Options were discussed on how to enhance Lake Brianna.
    3. Amy spoke about the bike share program.
      1. Campus bikes will be available for students to access through a new program being launched this semester.
      2. There was a discussion on how to make the campus more bike friendly.
      3. Abandoned bikes on campus are collected and given to Freewheel for refurbishment. These bikes are then distributed to students.
      4. Paul asked if the bicycles are being maintained for the University Police Department.
    4. Sidewalks on south campus roadways Malcolm Bowman
      1. Amy spoke about sidewalks on south campus and that Louis Rispoli hired a civil engineer to perform a study of the area. Within the next month Amy and Lou will be holding two meetings for concerned faculty, staff and students to provide input to potentially enhance the walkways in this area.
      2. Bob inquired about Chapin walking and bike paths.
      3. Matt spoke about the HSC/Hospital bike path and the need of extended pathways.
      4. Barbara will talk about input for the planning process of the pathways.
    5. Presidents safety committee Paul Siegel
      1. Paul talked about committee on campus that reviews policies.
      2. Paul asked the committee to think about safety issues on campus and to email Paul for their thoughts.
      3. Discussion was held about Nichols road and how to address safety concerns.
      4. Andrew asked about a roundabout rather than traffic light by Marburger drive.
      5. Barbara announced there is a project to address traffic for the North Entrance and its new configuration.
      6. Malcolm expressed concerns about south campus to add stop signs.
      7. Andrew talked about SAC loop and coming out of parking and the potential dangers that walkways may need to be considered for expansion.
    6. Ecological landscaping proposal John Robinson
      1. John R presented a slide show illustrating ecological landscaping.–
      2. History of landscaping and photo slide show which included classical landscaping, high maintenance, fertilizers, pesticides, labor intensive, extensive water runoff, mulch and poor habitats.
      3. John talked about ecologically oriented landscaping and unnecessary water irrigation.  A discussion was had about planting native species and identifying how to minimize cost of maintenance.
      4. John proposed to form a committee that will coordinate with interested parties, immediate identification of small meadow test sight, meet with Long Island Native Plant Initiative.
      5. In the Summer/Fall 2011 create a survey of the campus for candidate site, prepare additional test sites, and in the spring 2012 develop more large scale sites.
      6. Malcolm talked about Cornell University and their programs.
      7. John will have a committee established and wants to start small group and small plot.
      8. Andrew talked about the Javitts plaza and open spaces by life sciences may be a good site, talked about potential sites for ground cover.

OTHER: Meeting adjourned 11:10am
The next meeting is scheduled in the VP Administration Conference Room on the second floor on Friday, April 29th 9:30 AM.