MARCH 24, 2014

ATTENDEES:  Kathleen Bratby, Colleen Cheslak, Arlene Feldman, Rick Gatteau, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Ellen Hopkins, Joe Mitchell, Michael Mooney, Anne Moyer, Peter Stephens


1 .  MINUTES:  The review of the minutes of the February 24, 2014 meeting was deferred at this time.

                a.  Under “PREPARE FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING”, final paragraph, the statement “see links provided” will be added to the end of the sentence  – “A detailed list of the courses and activities…Bulletin.”  [after the 3/24 meeting, we implemented a link but with slight changes in wording]

                b.  p. 38 - Second Bachelor’s Degree Program:  the HSC Bulletin will be added as a reference because other programs in addition to “a West Campus program” may be involved.  The Council discussed whether the Second Bachelor’s degrees are available to HSC Students, and whether the current policy reflects practice, but a decision was not made to change the Second Bachelor’s policy in this regard.  The Second Bachelor’s policy was amended to reflect the SBC.  Issues related to HSC and Second Bachelor’s degrees can be discussed at a later meeting.

                c.  p. 7 – Southampton Course Designators – may need to add “East Campus”  or “HSC” to the first sentence “Courses…also offered on the West Campus…”, because there may be such courses being offered by the School of Health Technology and Management.   However, because it is unclear whether HTM employs the Southampton numbering system, the policy was only modified to accommodate the SBC.  Further changes relative to HSC can be discussed at a later meeting.

                d.  Under “Communicate in a Human Language Other Than English (LANG) – add the word “may” to the following statement so it is corrected to read:  “Students may demonstrate achievement of foreign language proficiency before entering Stony Brook in any of the following ways:”  This section contains new language to address new TAP information and can be added to other categories if desired.

                e.  Under “Write Effectively in English (WRT) – renumbering under “Notes:” - number “5.” should be changed to “3.” because of eliminated previously numbered items.

                f.  p. 9 - Under “SUNY General Education Requirements and Stony Brook Equivalents” – reorganized starting on p. 8,  To clarify the charts on p. 10, the statement “Students transferring into Stony Brook” will be added; other than that, no changes.

                g.  p. 11 – Under Stony Brook Curriculum:  the chart notes coursework that, if taken, would be a considered a “typical” transfer.

                h.  p. 13 – Under “Academic Credit by Examination and Other Credit Options”,  Kane reported that the section “The guidelines for the Challenge Exam…” was unchanged based on the meeting between Sarah, Scott, and others, but it does need some revisions going forward.  Peter Stephens suggested that abbreviations be spelled out, with abbreviations following, for clarity and consistency (e.g., CLEP, IB in first paragraph), as they are elsewhere in the Bulletin.

                i.  p. 16 This section is being reorganized to accommodate the SBC and the DEC, the latter of which will be offered for several semesters as we transition to the SBC.  

                j.  p. 17 – in the third paragraph, the first sentence should be corrected to read:  “The Stony Brook Curriculum is designed by the faculty to satisfy the SUNY General Education Requirements, (removing the words “as follows”).”   Add sentence:  “ Individual courses approved to satisfy a SUNY Gen Ed category can be found at the SUNY website for transfer students.” – Kane will correct wording and information related to students transferring to Stony Brook. [subsequent to the 3/24 meeting, KG corresponded with Anne Moyer to confirm new language: The Stony Brook Curriculum is designed by the faculty to satisfy the SUNY General Education Requirements.  For more information on SUNY General Education Requiremetns, please visit the SUNY website on General Education [link].   Students who complete SUNY General Education Requirements do not necessarily satisfy SBC categories. The charts below do not define a two-way equivalency between the DEC and SBC. (For students transferring SUNY General Education credits from another SUNY campus, see details at this link 

                k. p. 26 – Changes to be made on p. 24 as well

                l.  p. 27 – the words “SBC category” or “SBC categories” should be changed to “SBC learning objective” or “SBC learning objective” respectively,  wherever they appear for consistency.

                m.  p. 29 – the following bullet points were discussed:
                -  “a detailed course description from the Bulletin.  Instructors may expand on the Bulletin description but not reduce or modify it.”  This statement is new and the course description should match the Bulletin.
                -  Add the following bullet point – “required course materials and textbooks”  and insert it before the one beginning “a tentative schedule…”
                -  “a tentative schedule of required readings and/or assignments by week” should be corrected to read “a tentative schedule of required readings and/or assignments” – removing the words “by week”
               n.  p. 39 – the title “Degree Audit Report” should be corrected to read “Degree Progress Report”.  The first sentence in this section should be corrected:  “The Degree Progress Report” should replace “The Degree Audit Transcript” ; the words “provides an Undergraduate Advisement Report which” should be removed.  The word “department” should be corrected to read “departments” in the last sentence.

 MOTION: A motion was made by Peter Stephens and seconded by Anne Moyer to accept the changes to the Bulletin as presented and amended.  The motion was approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Bratby, EdD, RN