Undergraduate Council Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2013

Attendees: Anne Moyer (Chair), Norman Goodman, Jeffery Ge, Jennifer Dellaposta, Peter Stevens, Janet Clarke, Sarah Fuller, Astecen Adelson, Kane Gillespie, Arlene Feldman, Cheryl Hamilton, Kathleen Bratby, Richard Gatteau, Charles Robbins, Jean Peden.

  • Charles Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Colleges, attended this meeting to present and update the Council on a variety of topics. He indicated that he is seeking a more direct dialog with the Council on topics that impact our student both now and in the future.
  • TAP Audit
  1. A high level of students (6000-7000) on campus receive TAP funds.
  2. Students are certified for TAP by the Registrar’s Office.
  3. There is a lot of misinformation going around on campus at this time regarding the audit. There are no official findings at this time. Once the findings have been presented the University will have the opportunity to review and respond to the Auditors’ findings. 
  4. The audit will result in changes to how we do business on campus.
  5. The auditors reviewed a sample of students from 2008 to 2011.
  6. Registrar’s Office has been templating TAP students to review their progress in meeting requirements.
  7. Course Availability committee plays an important role in making sure students get the classes they need.
  8. SUNY Central and other Centers have been notified. Statewide Senate will be notified at the appropriate time. A meeting will take place to discuss the impact on SUNY as it relates to TAP.
  9. Spring 2013 – 30% of students are officially enrolled in one major but are pursuing another.
    1. Students should be in the appropriate major for the courses they are taking
    2. The 45 credit rule in the Bulleting should be enforced.
  • UGC 101 & 102
  1. Not part of “required” courses
  2. Not graded in the same way as other courses
  3. If a student fails they do not have to repeat.
  4. Less than 5% did not successfully complete these courses
  5. TAP connection
    1. Credits for these course have no place to go.
    2. Should be part of university requirements
  6. Jennifer Dellaposta asked when templating for Spring was to begin
    1. CR responded that this would start after Thanksgiving.
    2. A proposal for additional staff will be put forward to manage this effort.
  • Pre-med Pre Health
  1. Many students in various majors want to be pre health or pre-med.
  2. Students taking courses outside of their major/minor requirements are not able to meet their TAP requirements.
  3. Should the University create a pre health or pre-med minor?
    1. Rick Gatteau stated that Harvard Lyman supports this idea, however, Harvard has concerns that it may be perceived as watered down by other institutions.
    2. Maybe two minors would collectively meet the requirements. Quality is important. RG stated they are working on a proposal.
    3. Peter Stevens – Minor may have content for BIOCHEM minor. Easy to generically call them pre-meds – should be broadened to Pre Health Science.
    4. RG – We don’t want student declaring majors they don’t intend to complete just for TAP requirements. A minor would improve outreach by the advising team.
  • Course Evaluations
  1. Improve response rate of students completing course evaluations.
  2. Faculty should encourage students to complete the evaluations. It is important to junior faculty to have evaluations to build their tenure packages.
  3. Faculty should encourage students to use phones, tablets, and notebooks in class to do their evaluations.
  4. Don’t bribe students to complete the evaluations
  5. Offer incentives
    1. Allowing early grade release
      1. Technical issues could be overcome
      2. Burden on faculty to get grades in early
      3. Norman Goodman – computing center has improved returning exams to faculty – usually the same day.
      4. Official Policy – 72 hours after the last exam.
      5. Kane Gillespie - Batch process is available to upload grades for large classes.
      6. Anne Moyer - Faculty need to understand the importance of submitting grades on time.
      7. Norman Goodman – Not a bureaucratic rule but something to benefit our students
      8. Sarah Fuller – How do we get adjuncts to submit grades on time.
      9. CR – a grade date would need to be officially set.
      10. Kathleen Bratby – Concern about the end of classes vs. end of exams. Grading papers can take longer.
      11. Peter Stephens – arrange classes that take a long time to grade to be early in exam schedule.
  • Vice Provost Robbins will attend the next meeting on 11/20 to continue the discussions started today.