Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council
September 10, 2012
Present: Arlene Feldman, Norm Goodman, Ellen Hopkins, Anne Moyer, Kane Gillespie, Peter Khost, Anna Lubitz, Scott Sutherland, Jean Peden, Jeff Ge, Joe Mitchell, Michael Mooney

Topics Discussed

  • Minutes of August 27, 2012
  1. Members of the Council reviewed and approved the minutes of the last meeting
  • Course Offerings Task Force
  1. Vice Provost Charles Robbins has asked for volunteers to sit on a task force to review course offerings
    1. Focus is on better options for offering courses that go beyond tweaking the schedule
    2. Task force may consider SUNY 2020, enrollment increases, money available, and the impact this may have on new faculty hiring
    3. Chair Sutherland asked those members of the committee that are interested to email him.
  • Report of the General Education Committee
  • Senate Presentation – Scheduled for today at 3:30
  • Impact on Transfer Students
  1. Arlene Feldman expressed reservations about the "C" minimum grade requirement for the new Gen Ed Curriculum.  Arlene reviewed transfer credit policies of the other SUNY University centers.  Binghamton accepts grades of D or better for Gen Ed from their own students (or a P if the course is only graded on a Pass/Fail basis).  Transfer students need a grade of C- or better to transfer the course, but they do waive the Gen Ed requirement with a grade lower than a C-.

    Albany also uses grades below C that are passing to meet the Gen Ed requirements of their own students. They will transfer grades as low as D- for Gen Ed but will not count the credits.

    SUNY Buffalo will accept passing grades of D from their own students to satisfy Gen Ed and will also accept grades of D for gen ed from SUNY schools.
  • “C” Grade
  1. As an outgrowth of the previous item the council discussed “C” grades in general at SBU. Areas discussed included grade inflation, sequential vs. non sequential courses, what standards should exist across university course offerings and potential resource issues.
  • Letter from General Education Committee to Academic Leadership
  • Discussion focused on the steering committee proposed in the Gen Ed report and how work can be carried out in the timeline to implement by Fall 2013.
  • In general the Undergraduate Council agreed with the sentiments of the letter.