NOVEMBER 19, 2012

In Attendance:  Kathy Bratby, Anne Chau, Janet Clarke, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Jeff Ge, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Peter Khost, Anna Lubitz, Joe Mitchell, Anne Moyer, Jean Peden, Peter Stephens, Scott Sutherland.

Guest:  Charlie Robbins

The minutes of October 15 and November 5 were approved with minor edits.


Charlie Robbins joined the group as a guest to discuss students receiving honors, with particular concern about different standards between East and West campus.  He shared that there is wide variability between programs regarding students who receive a degree with distinction.
The group discussed appropriate criteria and whether there should be one standard across the University. 

Peter stated that using a percent for honors is good because it addresses differences in grading standards across areas and addresses grade inflation.

Anne M. raised the issue of ranking as an option.

Joe recommended used GPA targets, but making adjustments based upon a mean GPA and grade inflation over time.  

Anna raised a question about double majors, asking whether other universities allow students to declare more than 2 majors.  It was suggested that we look at AAUs to see if they allow students to declare more than 2 majors.

Scott said we need institutional research to provide us with information on GPA and the percent of students receiving distinctions on their transcripts.  He suggested looking at what other AAU schools do.
The general consensus of the group is that a uniform standard is good.


Scott provided an update on the general education proposal, noting that details on the tech requirement still need to be determined.

Norm stated that the executive committee is discussing technological literacy and suggested that we delay implementation of this requirement one year to ensure there are enough courses taught in this area.

Scott said that the argument supporting the course exists because there is not enough of a tech focus in the existing 9 general education categories.

Arlene reported that the state has sent a new memorandum regarding transfer mobility.  She stated that the new general education proposal is moving away from supporting transfer mobility.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Gatteau