Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council
March 29, 2012

Present: Kathleen Bratby, Janet Clarke, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Norm Goodman, Peter Khost, Deborah Machalow, Anne Moyer, Scott Sutherland, Katie Watt.

Minutes of the 3/15/2012 meeting – approved

Honor Societies: The Physical and Athletic Training Society has requested recognition as a new honor society.  Official recognition means such membership gets put on one’s transcript and diploma.  There seems to be a misinterpretation of the approval process currently.  It was unclear what the criteria for recognition/approval were.  Kathleen suggested we consult the criteria that the “honor society of honor societies” uses.  It was agreed that this Council will determine the criteria and will need to appropriately disseminate this information to the campus.

Undergraduate Student Government Proposal on Tutoring Services: USG drafted a proposal to require tutoring service information be included on course syllabi.  It was decided that, rather than requiring its inclusion in the syllabi, this information might best be maintained centrally, such as on Blackboard, so that it is easily accessible to all students.  In addition, we could make a suggestion to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education to consider putting a link to the tutoring service information in his policy memo on Minimal Instructional and Student Responsibilities.

Other Upcoming Items/Updates:

  • General Education: We’ll need longer meeting times or additional meetings devoted to this item to move forward on implementation.
  • Academic Standing Process: Proposed changes will help to clarify and streamline process.
  • Criteria for Undergraduate TAs: Previous recommendation by this Council needs follow-up/follow-through.
  • Attendance on UGC: Broad representation and regular attendance would benefit discussions  on important matters, such as Gen. Ed. changes.  Since attendance has been slacking, Council members discussed some options.  Norm will bring up this matter with Senate Executive Committee.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet H. Clarke