Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council
March 1, 2012

Present: Diane Bello, Kathleen Bratby, Jeff Ge, Norm Goodman, Peter Khost, Roy Lacey, Anne Moyer, Deborah Machalow, Scott Sutherland, Katie Watt

Minutes of the 2/2/2012 meeting – approved as amended.
Minutes of the 2/16/2012 meeting – approved as amended.
Proposal to Offer TSM/BS Undergraduate Degree Program in SUNY Korea

The College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) proposes to offer in SUNY Korea the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in Technological Systems Management (TSM) of the Department of Technology and Society.  The students will be starting the program in Korea in March, 2013, and coming to Stony Brook in March, 2014.

Concerns were expressed regarding potential negative impact on existing local resources (100 students per year).  The counter arguments discussed were that: 1) money for salaries for replacement of faculty will come back to the Department; and 2) tuition monies will provide funds to offset the burden on overcrowded courses and student services/resources, e.g., math courses, the Writing Center, and the Student Health Center.  Korea will be paying full salaries, fringe benefits, and housing costs for Stony Brook faculty going to Korea.  The Department will keep the money received for the faculty’s full salaries and fringe benefits.  The Council agreed that there should be explicit language included to describe that the tuition money we receive will be utilized to deal with the resources needed at Stony Brook to support the impact of this program.

Specifically, when and how these students will enroll in courses will need to be clarified to avoid possible preferential treatment of them over other Stony Brook students.  For classes that we know they are scheduled to take, there will be no problem with assuring there will be enough seats.  A problem may occur with, e.g., DEC H, as to which classes they will choose vs. having the choice dictated to them.  It was suggested that the choices could be made ahead as a cohort so we can plan properly for enrollment.  A bigger concern was identified with the history of not finalizing plans CAPRA has to assure more space.  Gen Ed requirements will change and require further adaptations.
Additional concern was raised over the inability to predict how many students may want to stay if they want to, with a visa.  It was clarified that this is a special program with a 5-year agreement based on funding, which will be reviewed, and monitored at the end of 4 years, and adjustments will be made.  It was specifically noted that an itemized budget should be requested, and delineating each of the 4 years.

The Council agreed that it should be explicitly stated that the TSM students are “Stony Brook students” and should be treated as such.  This includes guidelines in the whole Student Affairs section related to Student Life procedures, Student Government, etc.

The Council approved the “Proposal to Offer TSM/BS Undergraduate Degree Program in SUNY Korea” with caveats based on the issues as clarified. 

Dr. Sutherland will prepare a letter documenting this approval, and it was further noted that the Council was impressed by the degree to which this proposal addressed prior concerns, such as the DEC courses.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Bratby