Undergraduate Council 
Peter Khost, Anne Moyer, Rick Gatteau, Kathleen Bratby, Katie Watt, Deborah Machalov, Norman Goodman, Roy Lacey, Sarah Fuller, Diane Bello, Arlene Feldman, Jeff Ge, Scott Sutherland, Janet Clarke, Kane Gillespie
Minutes of 12/1/2011 – approved as amended

Skill 3

The Council adopted the revised language for Skill 3, effective Summer/Fall 2012.  The new language will be published in the April 2012 edition of the undergraduate bulletin.

Graded, Pass, No Credit

  • The committee adopted the amended proposal to revise the Grading and Grading System policy with a new “Graded, Pass, No Credit (GPNC)” option, which effectively replaces the “Pass / No Credit (P/NC)“ option.   Amended policy attached.
  • The Council voted (6 for, 4 opposed, 2 abstaining) to allow students to select the GPNC option by the ninth week of classes during fall/spring semesters, consistent with the existing PNC deadlines as well as the exiting deadline to withdraw from individual courses.  Students may change the GPNC grade threshold until the deadline.
  • The council also proposed a future disagreement – errr, discussion – on a revision of the “minimal instructional responsibilities” policy, particularly to include a statement like:

o    Instructors must provide significant academic feedback to students by the midpoint of each fall spring semester, winter session or summer session.”  More discussion at a later meeting

  • The Council recommended that these changes be forwarded to the U. Senate Executive committee for consideration

Gen Ed

  • Provost Assanis wants to have the new Gen Ed fully implemented by the time the Middle States review is upon us.  This target implies a quick-paced implementation resulting in a full implementation by Fall 2013, at the latest.  
  • The council agreed that the next step should be for a committee to work out, in more concrete terms, how the latest proposal will be implemented with regard to policy.  This phase could consider logistics but not necessarily technical restrictions.
  • As such, the council recommended maintaining the most recent committee with Gene Hammond as chair, with some modifications.  Of the following, the Council requests that the student representative be chosen by the student government process, and that two (three?) members be added:  
    • *Ritch Calvin (Cultural Analysis and Theory and Chair of the CC).
    • Deborah Firestone (Health Technology/HSC) o *Molly Frame (Biomedical Engineering) o Richard Gerrig (Psychology) o *Perry Goldstein (Music)
    • *Gene Hammond (Writing and Rhetoric, Chair of the Gen Ed committee) o Maurice Kernan (Neurobiology and Behavior) o *April Masten (History).
    • *Marianna Savoca (Career Center) o        TBA (Undergraduate Student)  o     Diane Bello (new) o              Kane Gillespie (new) o             Scott Sutherland (new)
  • Scott distributed a marked-up copy of the report from Gene Hammond’s committee.  
  • Sarah had some specific comments, which the Council endorsed.  Debbie said she would solicit comments from the student government.  The committee agreed that a compilation of questions should be forwarded to Gene Hammond for review by and response from the Gen Ed committee.

Respectfully submitted,
Kane Gillespie