Undergraduate Council Meeting – 12/3/12

Present:  Kathleen Bratby, Janet Clarke, Jennifer Dellaposta, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Jeff Ge, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman,  Peter Khost,  Lloyd Lense,  Anna Lubitz, Joe Mitchell, Michael Mooney, Anne Moyer, Peter Stephens, Scott Sutherland (Chair)- 17 in attendance.

Honor Society request for recording membership on transcripts

The working group of Rick, Mike, and Kathy  distributed a list of all honor societies at SBU and their criteria.  It was decided that the working group would study the existing criteria and recommend an SBU standard for honor societies to meet.  It was recommended that we establish  academic (as opposed to merely social or financial) criteria for recognition.

Meeting times for Spring Semester

Scott will poll members for best meeting schedule for Spring.

Gen Ed Requirements

University Senate will vote today on general principles of the Gen Ed report, with the proviso to work out details on 4 unresolved items (minimum grade, technology requirement, Health Sciences Center meeting on Gen Ed Dec. 13, and transferability of Gen Ed credits among SUNYs) in the Spring.  (Note: The Senate Exec Cte subsequently decided to leave this last item on SUNY Gen Ed and transferability off the motion.)

We discussed the first two items: minimum grade and the technology requirement.

Minimum grade: We discussed statistics of students graduating with below C grades in DEC courses.  Data from the last two years shows that approximately 20% graduate with at least 1 grade below C.  (Note:  Based on revised data after the UGC meeting, this percentage was changed to 15% and presented as such at Senate.)  Scott conveyed that the Provost is concerned about the effect this percentage might have on retention statistics.  The group voted whether or not the following options were acceptable and then which was the most desirable.  Of 17 voting members, “C or better with 1 below C” had the most votes with 7.

Minimum Grade Options

Option is unacceptable

Best option

C or better



C average



C or better with 1 below C



Current policy (any passing grade)



Technology requirement:  Scott reported that an ad hoc group met to identify learning objectives and standard for this requirement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an ability to apply technical tools and knowledge to practical systems and problem solving.
  • Design, understand, build, and/or analyze selected aspects of the human-made world.


  • Courses must satisfy both learning objectives.

We discussed the language and meaning of the learning objectives, and noted that we need to figure out the implications of this requirement on the rest of the Gen Ed program.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet H. Clarke