Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council
August 27, 2012

Present: Kathleen Bratby, Janet Clarke, Arlene Feldman, Jeff Ge, Norm Goodman, Kane Gillespie, Peter Khost, Anna Lubitz, Joe Mitchell, Michael Mooney, Anne Moyer, Scott Sutherland

Selection of a New Chair for the Committee

Scott Sutherland has been selected to continue to serve as the committee chair.

Adding ESM 213 (nanotech) to existing ACE Offerings at Syosset HS

Further Discussions on GenEd

Much of the discussions were about the wordings on some of the statements in the GenEd document. Corrections on typos were readily accepted. There were some discussions surrounding the use of the word “matriculated” on page 8 with regard to the minimum requirement of 30 credits of GenEd courses at an institution of higher education. It has been suggested that “awarded by” should be used instead of “matriculated”.

Another issue that was discussed is the requirement for a minimum grade of C for a GenEd course when a letter grade is assigned. Some felt it is not clear what a grade of C means for a course. Others raised the concern that this C requirement may add additional burden to the resource problem that the university is already facing.  In the end, the committee agreed that we should separate the issue of academic quality from that of resources and the minimum grade requirement was accepted as is.


Respectfully submitted by Jeff Ge