Undergraduate Council
22 Sept 2011 meeting minutes
Diane Bello, Sarah Fuller, Peter Khost, Deborah Machalow, Katie Watt, Anne Moyer, Kane Gillespie, Arlene Feldman, Joe Mitchell, Richard Gatteau, Scott Sutherland (chair)

  1. Minutes of 8 Sept 2011- approved
  2. Gen Ed update
    1. The provost has appointed a committee to examine the Hemmick committee Gen Ed proposal.  Gene Hammond is chairing the committee.  The UG Council will review the Hemmick proposal in parallel with the provost’s implementation committee.
  3. Proposed adjustment to west campus class meeting times
    1. Pursuant to Aronoff’s proposal to the UG Council in Spring 2011, Estie Arkin, Scott Sutherland, Mark Aronoff and Kane Gillespie met in summer 2011 to generate a revised proposal
    2. Loss of two minutes: some concern about MWF slots
      1. In class exams might become more difficult to complete
      2. Does the time reduction impact teaching and learning styles?  Difficult to have question/response in short class periods
      3. Will increase demand for 2-day per week classes
    3. 7 minutes travel time
      1. If students are late, 53 minutes becomes XX minutes
      2. If professors hold students longer for whatever reason, 7 minutes of travel becomes xx minutes
      3. Have we road tested the time between classes?
      4. Set up time for professors in individual rooms
      5. Traffic flow time in each room
      6. 7 minutes between classes only applies to MWF classes (7 occurrances)
    4. Appears to be some advantage when comparing the LIRR schedule to the proposed class meeting patterns
    5. Recommendations
      1. acquire of a robust policy and algorithm to optimize the class schedule and
      2.  acquire software to implement said policy.  Doing so would likely increase student class selections, reduce time to degree and subsequently reduce university graduation rates
      3. install functional, accurate and perfectly synchronized clocks in all classrooms.  Display elapsed and remaining time per class period
      4. recommend students and faculty set their time pieces to chime on the hour or 10 minutes before the beginning of each class period

respectfully submitted
Kane Gillespie