Minutes of the Undergraduate Council

October 20, 2011

Attending: Diane Bello, Kathleen Bratby, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller,  Jeff Ge, Cheryl Hamilton, Peter Khost, Deborah Machalow, Joeseph Mitchell, Anne Moyer,  Scott Sutherland, Katie Watt. (Gene Hammond, guest).

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting of the UGC were reviewed and approved as emended.
  1. A question was raised about making the results of student evaluations of courses public.  The consensus of the committee is that we are in favor of making such results public to the campus community.  However, the specific questions need to be revisited and revised.
  1. Gene Hammond spoke about the role of the task force for “implementation” of the new DEC proposal. 

As background:  the subcommittee, chaired by Tom Hemmick and appointed jointly by the UGC and the Provost, met for 2 years, and “finished” their work last June.  A draft proposal was circulated in June.
The acting provost, Nancy Squires, asked Gene Hammond to form a group to review the report and give their results.  The group formed last August, and met a few times.  They recently met with the Senate Executive Committee.

The current committee consists exclusively of faculty (no staff, no students, no physical scientists).  This is admittedly an issue, although there is a strong desire to keep the committee small so that it may remain agile and effective.

Because of questions about the committee's role and constitution, it is currently frozen.

The council commented that the current GenEd report is a large document, and contains no “sample program” or short summary of how it might be explicitly put into practice.  Having this would make the document much more concrete and useful.  Gene agreed that this would be an appropriate task for his committee to work on.

The council insisted that there should be an explicit mechanism to keep governance involved in the process, in order to maximize buy-in by the university community.

The charge of Gene's group is to review the document, not necessarily to implent it, despite the working name of the group. 

The council would like the group to do the following:
            Adjust the membership to include some students, and someone from the physical     sciences.
            Focus on production of a 1-2 page overview of the changes
            Include production of some concrete examples of possible course choices which would       fulfill the new requirements (ie, sample programs) for a few majors.
            The committee is jointly charged by the provost and the UGC.
            Approval of the committee's results should be made via the UGC and the original GenEd     committee.           
Respectfully submitted,
Scott Sutherland