Undergraduate Council
6 October 2011 Meeting Minutes
Present: Diane Bello, Sarah Fuller, Norm Goodman, Joe Mitchell, Arlene Feldman, Kane Gillespie, Donna Di Donato, Jeff Ge, Anne Moyer, Cheryl Hamilton, Peter Khost, Katie Watt, Scott Sutherland

  1. Discussion and Approval of Minutes of 22 September 2011

The committee took issue with the formation of Gen Ed Implementation Committee outside the governance mandate. While Gen Ed is a subcommittee of UGC, the current Gen Ed Implementation Committee has been appointed by the administration without involving UGC.  It has also been pointed out that at least one professional representative needs to be included in the committee. Currently, it is an all faculty committee. It has been suggested that a letter be drafted to convey these concerns to the administration.

The committee chair agreed to follow up on this. Minutes were modified and approved.

  1. Waiver of taking DECs H, I, J, and K at Stony Brook for newly established online BS program in Electrical Engineering.

    This online EE program is offered to second bachelor degree students. The program is entirely online and students are not allowed to enroll in other Stony Brook courses on campus. This creates a conflict with the current requirement for second bachelors degree students that they must complete DECs H, I, J, K at Stony Brook. The committee reviewed the letter of request from CEAS and felt wording of the letter could be made more precise regarding the request for waiver. The committee concluded that such a waiver is warranted for the online EE program as the program students would have fulfilled all DEC requirements as part of their first bachelor degree requirement.

    As the entire DEC requirements are being revamped, the committee decided not to extend this waiver to all second bachelor degree students.

Respectfully submitted

Jeff Ge