Minutes of November 3, 2011 meeting


Present:  Diane Bello, Donna DiDonato, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Jeff Ge, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Peter Khost, Deborah Machalow, Joe Mitchell, Anne Moyers, Scott Sutherland, Katie Watt, Alice Q. Wong

Announcement: Provost Assanis accepted the changed “time vectors” with the modification of having the two Campus Life Times on Wednesday (instead of Monday) and Friday in response to students’ views.

Discussion re P/NC grade:  Two issues were discussed.  In the first, there are 528 courses that cannot be taken P/NC but 22 of them are not listed in the Bulletin.  The students must have available all courses that cannot be taken P/NC.

The second issue involved the larger concern on the proper use of P/NC and the criteria for allowing the use of P/NC.  A distinction was drawn among the “intent,” “policy,” and “practice” involving the P/NC grade.  It was pointed out that the current policy renders the P/NC grade as program rather than course specific.  For example, there are a number of CEAS courses that CEAS students cannot take P/NC, but CAS students can do so. 

Deborah Machalow mentioned the practice at other universities that use an NRO (not recorded) grade that led to a further discussion of alternatives to the P/NC.  One suggestion was that students set a minimal level of a letter grade they wish to have recorded at the beginning of the semester; anything lower than that (other than an F) would be recorded as NRO.  In essence, this approach could be termed a “conditional P/NC with an option.”  Deborah agreed to do further research on this issue and provide a specific proposal for the UGC’s consideration.

Recording of transfer courses:  It was suggested that all transfer courses, when approved, be entered into the student’s electronic record so as to facilitate advising and clearing for graduation. Courses involved in articulation agreements should be automatically cleared and entered into the student’s electronic record.  Also, relevant transfer credits for “course substitution” should be forwarded to the Registrar for inclusion in the student’s electronic record.

Respectfully submitted,

Norm Goodman