Undergraduate Council meeting

Approved 2/15/2011

Present: Kane Gillespie, Eriko Sato, Rick Gatteau, Sarah Jourdain, Agnes He, Anne Moyer, Diane Bello, Scott Sutherland, E. K. Tan, Sarah Fuller, Arlene Feldman, Donna Di Donato, Kathy Bratby

  1. Minutes from 11-30-2010 were approved
  2. Challenge exams.  Guests Eriko Sato, Sarah Jourdain, and Agnes He proposed some changes to the challenge exam policy that will address NCATE regulations.  Essentially, Sato et al request the change to give students in the Asian language Teacher preparation programs flexibility to count more test credits toward the 30 credits of certification and the 120 undergraduate degree credits. 
    1. They request just the credits, not the grade, so there’s no GPA impact
    2. Request this exception to the challenge exam rules only apply for those students admitted to the Asian language teacher preparation program (currently about 3 students)
    3. Council noted that if a student drops out of the program, the credit would stay on the student record.  Sato et al replied that there are very few students and all of them are very motivated to stay.
    4. The Council approved the proposal with changes. 
      1. Revised policy will not allow students to take a challenge exam for language courses numbered 111 or equivalent, as was proposed
      2. Students who take a challenge exam for language courses numbered 112 or equivalent cannot take language courses numbered 111 or equivalent for credit
      3. That is, a challenge exam can only be taken for language courses numbered 112 or equivalent or higher

Respectfully submitted
Kane Gillespie