Undergrad council 9-14-2010

Respectfully submitted, Kane Gillespie

Present: Norman Goodman, Sarah Fuller, Cynthia Dietz, Kathleen Bratby, Joe Mitchell, Donna Di Donato, Jeff Ge, Anne Moyer, Roy Lacey, Scott Sutherland (Chair), Arlene Feldman, Kane Gillespie

  • KG presented a summary report and recommendations of the Bulletin Board

Pursuant to discussions at the Undergrad Council meetings of 3/17 and 3/24, KG convened an Undergraduate Bulletin academic focus group, entitled the "Bulletin Board."  The primary goal of the group was to discuss and achieve consensus on academic and legal issues related to the Bulletin.
The committee met six times between May and August 2010.  Members of the committee were as follows, representing 6 faculty, 8 staff, and including 5 faculty in senior leadership roles.  Six persons (*) are members of the undergrad council.

  • Kane Gillespie, Editor of the Bulletin, chair of the Bulletin Board focus group
  • Elizabeth Squire, Assistant Editor of the Bulletin
  • *Scott Sutherland, chair of the undergrad council and Prof. of Mathematics
  • *Donna Di Donato, Asst Provost for undergrad academic affairs
  • Nicole Sampson, Associate Dean in CAS and Prof. of Chemistry
  • Imin Kao, Associate Dean in CEAS and Prof. of Mechanical Engineering
  • Jennifer Dellaposta, Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • *Rick Gatteau, Director of Academic and Pre-professional advising
  • *Bev Rivera, Registrar
  • *Joe Mitchell, Professor of Applied Math and Statistics, former chair of the undergraduate council
  • Lynette Phillips, University Counsel
  • Mark Aronoff, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Matt Whelan, Asst Provost Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Charlie Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges (beginning Aug 2010)
    • Overall, the council is inclined to adopt the recommendations, with some clarifications in language/syntax as well as adding a preface to the list of recommendations to underscore the rationale for making recommendations related to the Bulletin. 
    • KG will convene a working group consisting of himself and volunteers: Donna Di Donato, Kathleen Bratby and Scott Sutherland with the goal of presenting a final document on Oct 12 or Oct 19 for adoption by the Council.
    • Specific recommendations will be made by Oct 19 and included in the minutes of that meeting.