Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council

November 30, 2010

Attending: Kathleen Bratby, Cynthia Dietz, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Jeff Ge, Kane Gillespie (by phone), Norman Goodman, Cheryl Hamilton, Anne Moyer, Beverly Rivera, Scott Sutherland, E. K. Tan


1. The minutes of the meeting of November 16, 2010 were reviewed and approved as revised.

2. The Bulletin Board Summary Report was approved as amended with minor changes suggested by Joe Mitchell and Sarah Fuller.  Kane Gillespie will circulate the final version.

3. A proposal for a policy regarding courses that have not been offered for some time was discussed.  The proposal’s intent is to assist students in planning by removing courses that are not offered regularly from the bulletin.  Allowing departments to suspend courses that they do not plan to offer regularly with an optional “fast track” reactivation is intended to make departments more inclined to remove those courses.

Issues discussed included the optimal length of time that a course should be suspended before it would be made inactive (such that a full proposal would be required for reactivation) and the elements that would be required for fast-track reactivation.  Data provided by Kane Gillespie indicated that 400 courses currently on the books have not been offered in 8 years and 800 courses have not been offered in 4 years.  Goals of reducing the overwhelming number of courses listed while still showcasing the diversity of courses were considered.  A consensus emerged that a course not offered for 4 years should come out of the bulletin and a course not offered for 8 years should be made inactive.  Elements required for fast track reactivation should include (a) a memo from the Chair, (b) a current syllabus, and (c) other information as appropriate.  Scott Sutherland and Kane Gillespie volunteered to fine tune the language of the policy based upon the discussion.

4. Scott Sutherland noted that the meeting time for the Spring semester that worked for the most members was Tuesdays 2:30-3:30.  The first meeting of the new year will be Tuesday, February 1, 2011.

5. The members paid tribute and bid a fond farewell to Beverly Rivera as she embarks on her upcoming retirement.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Moyer, Notetaker