MINUTES  of February 3, 2010

ATTENDEES:  Sarah Fuller, Donna Di Donato, Norman Goodman, Jeff Ge, Ora Buoey, Scott Sutherland, Cynthia Dietz, Beverly Rivera, Joe Mitchell

Scott opened the meeting with the following discussion:

  • Scott would like to keep the same day/time of our meeting to Wednesdays, 3:30PM.  There seems to be a conflict with a standing meeting of Kane’s that is at the same time.  Scott will discuss with Kane to see if he can move his meeting to another day/time.  If not, the group will meet on Thursdays, time TBD.
  • The DEC Review Committee has not met in a while; however, the understanding is that the committee is making some positive moves.  We may hear some suggestions from the committee sometime in March 2010.
  • There is an Enrollment  Sub-Committee setup that meets on alternate weeks.  The main purpose and concerns of this committee is to look at the issues related to the enrollment crunch and what we are doing (i.e. reviewing repeat policy, credit loads, overloads, etc.).

Recap of outstanding issues remaining from Fall 2009:

  • Reviewing and approving Minutes for meetings held on:  12/2/09, 12/16/09 and now 2/3/2010
  • Should there be an explicit policy on the scheduling of courses during Campus Life Time?  The committee agreed that there should not be any courses scheduled during this time.
  • Should students be allowed to fail WRT courses rather than earn a “U = Unsatisfactory”?  There are also other related issues that need to be addressed with the Program Director, Gene Hammond (i.e. Upper division WRT courses).  The committee would like to have G. Hammond attend one of our UGC meetings.
  • UG TA’s – what can they do and not do
  • Southampton – There are general DEC questions and issues of concern.  The committee wants assurance that their DEC courses are equivalent to ours
  • Songdo – Letter to President Stanley.  As per Norm G., President of the Senate, M. Schwartz is putting together one letter that will represent Undergraduate Council, Graduate Council and CAPRA committee concerns
  • Creating of a minimum policy on Excused Absences that can be applied when Exams  are missed due to illness. Currently SB does not have a policy.  If a student is hospitalized, then there should be some leniency and accommodation.   The policy should be clearly stated and it should have a grievance component to it.  Joe Mitchell suggested that the policy must make the accommodation option available to ALL students.  In addition, this must be part of the contract noted on course syllabi.  Equity in accommodation is of utmost concern
  • G0’s (graduate non matriculated students) – should they be allowed to enroll in undergraduate courses without permission.  As policy, we currently require undergraduates to get permission to take graduate courses.  The UGC might want to draft a policy statement.
  • Online Bulletin – Most recently the Online Bulletin has changed considerably.   As per Donna Di Donato, some advisors and other users of the bulletin have expressed difficulty in using the electronic version.  Communications Office no longer wants to print any copies of the bulletin.  Donna  most recently had a conversation with Legal Counsel regarding the issue of no longer printing any copies of the bulletin.  Lynette was not happy with the notion that there would not be any bulletin copies printed.    It might be useful for the UGC to have a conversation with Lynette Phillips, (Legal Counsel) as well as with the Communications Office. 

There should have been representation from  other areas prior to a decision being made to totally discontinue the printing of any copies of the bulletin.   We understand that there is a PDF version of the bulletin however, should there be another source?

The bulletin Search is an issue.  It is not a good tool.  The request was made for a Google search but it was turned down by Communications Office.

Archival of prior year bulletins are supposed to be available for the admit year of all students.  They should represent exactly what was approved on a specific date/year and students, faculty, staff should be able to easily access that information.

The council should speak with Kane about the current status of the online as well as:

  • History of the decision to just have an online bulletin
  • Feedback from users
  • Should there be some hard copies available
  • What options are most useful

In discussion of the online bulletin questions were raised as to the printing of courses that have not been offered for up to five years.  What should be done about these courses?  They should clearly not appear in the current bulletin but should also not be removed from the PeopleSoft course catalog system.  Can they be inactivated or placed in an “interim” status so as to be activated when and if a department chooses to offer the course again without having to resubmit to the Curriculum Committee?

Kane is currently working on the possibility of indicating “typically offered” courses in a given semester in the bulletin so that students can plan out their semesters to complete their degree requirements.  With budgetary constraints this may be the time to move in this direction.

Other discussions
Songdo and DEC
Norm G. – The latest use of the DEC at Songdo is similar to what has happened at Southampton, the focus being globalization
Kaler came back on 2/2/10 from Songdo.  It appears that there are issues related to the finances for this project.
Norm meeting with Eric Kaler on Monday, 2/8/2010.

Statements that need to be drafted:
Scott Sutherland will draft the statement having to do with Campus Life Time

  • Original legislation stated no undergraduate courses would be scheduling during CLT except for labs
  • UGC should discourage the scheduling of labs during CLT where it is possible
  • Exceptions must be granted for any lecture courses to be scheduled during CLT

Beverly Rivera will draft the statement for the Absences Policy after reviewing what responses received via the various list serves solicited.

Outstanding Issues –Topics to be addressed - In Order of Priority

  • Online Bulletin
  • General DEC issues
  • Writing (Grading); Upper division writing

Submitted by:  B. Rivera