Minutes for meeting of Thursday, February 26, 2009

Present: Jordan Cushner, Cynthia Dietz, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller,
Rick Gatteau, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Adam Kent, Joe Mitchell,
Beverly Rivera, Scott Sutherland

The meeting began at 4:15pm.

1. Joe Mitchell agreed to take minutes.

2. The minutes of February 12, 2009 were distributed, reviewed, and
approved as written.

3. Norm Goodman will continue to serve as the UGC representative on the
Calendar Committee.

4. The Fall 2009 Academic Calendar schedule (as revised recently by the
Calendar Committee) was approved.

5. The Fall 2009 Final Examination Schedule (as revised recently by the
Calendar Committee) was approved.

The UGC discussed modifications to the boldface sentence at the bottom
of the Final Examination Schedule.  The existing sentence
("Instructors are not obligated to give makeup examinations to
students.") may be misleading and taken out of context. The UGC
recommends a revision along the following lines:

"Instructors are not obligated to give makeup examinations to students
in cases of such conflicts or too many exams on the same day.  See
page xxx of the Undergraduate Bulletin for the policy regarding cases
in which faculty are to give makeup examinations."

Beverly Rivera noted that computer programming is now underway that
will show students the times and dates of their final examinations
immediately upon registration for a course on SOLAR.  This will help
keep students informed of final examination times as they register for

6. The UGC discussed a proposal from Biology to the UGC to allow
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) to proctor examinations.  The
main issue is that there are not enough graduate TAs and faculty to
proctor large common examinations, especially those spread across
mutliple rooms on campus.  The TA shortage is likely to get worse in
light of the recent budget situation. 

After discussion of the caveats of UTAs involved in proctoring, as
well as the realities imposed by the TA/faculty shortage, the UGC
supported the proposal from Biology.  Proposals by other units for
exceptions to the recent rule disallowing UTAs from proctoring will be

Scott Sutherland pointed out an advantage of UTAs proctoring
examinations: The UTAs are in the best position to notice "ringers"
(students not taking a course that may take an examination in place of
a student in the course), since they may have the best personal
knowledge of the students in their sections.

Norm Goodman suggested that the Round Table may be a source of well
qualified volunteers to serve as additional proctors during