Minutes of December 2, 2009

In Attendance:  Ora Bouey, Brian Colle, Cynthia Dietz, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Scott Sutherland.

The minutes of November 18, 2009 were approved without correction.


Scott Sutherland distributed a draft copy of a memo to Provost Kaler regarding the development of the Stony Brook Songdo campus.

Several Council members shared concerns that the current proposal includes limited course choice and flexibility for students.  The proposal allows students to meet degree requirements, but only through minimal choice/options.

Brian Colle suggested adding three subheadings to the memo to better organize it:  curriculum, staffing, and resource issues.

Norm Goodman talked about concerns related to the conception of the campus proposal/plan. 

Sarah Fuller commented that we should add a statement in terms of the implementation of the plan and its impact on the campus.

Norm Goodman noted that an unresolved issue is how Stony Brook would operate in a consortium with other universities in Songdo.  Brian Colle said it needs to be collaborative with team teaching efforts; a lot could be fixed by working with other institutions and sharing resources.

Kane Gillespie noted that we want our students to receive a quality undergraduate education.  Norm Goodman posed the question, “What is the brand of a Stony Brook education?”  He shared that we don’t know enough about course electives being offered in Songdo, adding that we need to give students options and choices.

Scott Sutherland shared a concern about the number of adjuncts planned in Korea.  Norm Goodman asked how this plan ensures a continuity of education for the students.

Scott Sutherland suggested an edit to the document that the Council would like to see a revised plan that addresses the group’s concerns.  Norm Goodman suggested that we ask for an Undergraduate Council representative to be part of a group that meets with other universities who are planning to establish branch campuses in Songdo. 


Kane Gillespie referred to Provost Kaler’s e-mail to the campus community soliciting nominations for a new Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.  He suggested that since the Council is a significant part of undergraduate education, the Council should submit nominations.  The group agreed to think about suggestions and e-mail names to Scott Sutherland.


Sarah Fuller made reference to the minutes of the Council’s September 30, 2009 meeting that addressed concerns about classes being scheduled during campus lifetime.  She noted that no vote was taken on the proposal that: “No courses may be scheduled during campus lifetime except by approval of the Dean and in consultation with the Undergraduate Council.”  She asked that this agenda item be the first item of our next Council meeting.


Scott Sutherland updated the group on the Enrollment Subcommittee.  The group met earlier in the week to begin considering various policy proposals related to addressing course availability concerns.  He shared that several ideas need quick action if we are to inform students by the start of the spring term.  The group has two more meetings through mid-December.

Scott Sutherland will send out information on one final Council meeting – Wednesday, December 16, time TBA.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Gatteau