October 23, 2008

Attendees:  Ora Bouey, Brian Colle, Cynthia Davidson, Donna Di Donato, Cynthia Dietz, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Rick Gatteau, Jeffrey Ge, Cheryl Hamilton, Joe Mitchell, Ashley Reji, Scott Sutherland.

MINUTES:  Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting was deferred until the next meeting of the Council.

DEPARTMENTAL REVIEWS:  Departmental reviews originally scheduled for this fall have been postponed until the spring semester. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Donna Di Donato reported on the success of the Undergraduate College Commons Day.  This year’s book was “God Grew Tired of Us”, authored by John Bul Dau.  The author was present on campus and well-received by students.  He was moved to tears by the students’ creative expressions and reflections on the book.

COURSE PACKS:  Brent Lindquist from the Provost’s Office attended the Council meeting to discuss course packs.  He sought input from the group regarding a proposal from the Copyright Clearance Center and summarized the following details:

  • The Copyright Clearance Center covers copyrighted materials from 400 publishers under one license.  The cost is a one-time fee of $20K, with annual costs of $100K.  The cost would be passed on to students, at a cost of approximately $5 per student.
  • The license does not cover interlibrary loan and reproductions of entire texts. 
  • Currently, the University Bookstore pays less than $100K annual for copyright costs of materials included in course packs.

Sarah Fuller asked if the agreement covers musical scores and recording; the answer to that is unknown. 

Brent Lindquist said the pro of this proposal is that it better manages the course pack process.  The con is that we are not sure of the cost effectiveness of the proposal.  In considering options, Brent Lindquist identified a few possibilities:

  • Have the University Bookstore pay the copyright fee.
  • Have academic departments work with the University Bookstore to produce course packs, and/or
  • Have academic departments produce course packs in-house with students making payments via the Bursar.

Jeffrey Ge commented that the proposal could save faculty time and effort.

Brent Lindquist commented that the one problem with the University Bookstore is they require a 6-8 week lead time on course packs.

Scott Sutherland talked about the issue of fair use of copyrighted materials in how we currently operate.

The consensus of the group was to pursue other alternatives, and to no longer consider the Copyright Clearance Center proposal.

NEW BUSINESS:  Scott Sutherland noted that the Provost is organizing a DEC and general education sub-committee to include representation from the Undergraduate Council.  At the upcoming student-faculty-staff retreat, the NSSE survey results and their connection to the curriculum will be included.

Sarah Fuller asked about the status of Stony Brook Southampton and faculty hiring practices.  It was agreed to add this as a future agenda item.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Gatteau