Undergraduate Council Meeting
February 1, 2008


Attendance: Joseph Antonelli, Michael Barnhart, Ora Bouey, Brian Colle, Donna DiDonato, Cynthia Dietz, Arlene Feldman, Rick Gatteau, Cheryl Hamilton, Leo Kamenetskiy, Scott Sutherland

Review of Minutes
Minutes of the most recent meeting were not available for review.

Selection of Note Taker
C. Hamilton agreed to take minutes of the meeting.

Course Packets
M. Barhart raised concerns regarding course packets which are made available for courses through sale. Copyrights must be secured in order for the materials to be used. The challenges faculty members face are both the cost (as much as $50 per course pack) and the time needed to secure the copyright. The high copyright costs have contributed to particularly high costs of course packets to students  in the University bookstore. Some suggested solutions were that perhaps the University should purchase the copyright, and that  a profit limitation clause should be written in the next contract negotiation with the bookstore vendor. D. DiDonato suggested that this be brought to the attention of B. Lindquist.

Make Up Exam Policy
R. Gatteau brought to the attention of the council that there is no formal, written policy regarding making up missed exams. S. Sutherland indicated that policies regarding making up exams and/or missed work are up to the discretion of the faculty member. D. DiDonato pointed out that this is written in the grievance policy (in academic bulletin and on the website). A. Feldman suggested that faculty members should clearly state the policy on their syllabi. R. Gatteau requested that a statement be placed in the bulletin so the student will know where to go right away if they miss an exam. It was agreed that the statement should include missed work, as well as information regarding special accommodations. It was determined that this should be included with policies regarding missing class for religious observances and University-sponsored activities.

Review of Titles and Appropriateness of DEC Categories
A statement regarding the D.E.C., prepared by S. Sutherland, was reviewed and discussed. It was agreed that this statement should be given to students at orientation and during advising. Concerns regarding D.E.C.A and Writing were discussed. Course availability for D.E.C. A was identified as a major challenge. D.DiDonato indicated a search was in progress for a new Director of the Writing Program. It was suggested that the Undergraduate Council speak directly with Dean Staros about concerns with Writing.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Hamilton