Undergraduate Council Minutes

Minutes for March 6, 2007
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Attendance:  Brian Colle, Scott Sutherland, Joe Mitchell, Arlene Feldman, Andrea Tyree, Janet Clarke, Rick Gatteau, Norm Goodman, Kane Gillespie, Ridha Kamoua, Donna DiDonato, and Sarah Fuller.

The minutes of  February 6, 2007 were approved as amended.

Minutes were taken by Arlene Feldman.

New Business:  Academic review volunteers were selected to participate in the following reviews:
History Academic Review:  March 27, 2007 – Brian Colle.
Philosophy Academic Review:  April 24, 2007 – Scott Sutherland

The rest of the meeting was devoted to understanding and discussing Stony Brook’s Challenge Exam Program administered by the Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center.  Rick Gatteau provided us with information about the current Challenge Exam Program and raised the following issues for the committee to review:

  1. Expand the Challenge Exams beyond one DEC E, F, or G.
  2. Each academic department to decide the courses for which they would offer Challenge Exams
  3. Challenge Exam for Skill 4
  4. 97 of 100 exams are taken for language proficiency

After discussion the Undergraduate Council voted to curtail the use of Challenge Exams.  The Council agreed that students will only be offered to satisfy Skill 3, proficiency in a Foreign Language.  The Program will continue to be administered by the Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center.