University Affairs
Annual Report

The University Affairs Committee met six times during the academic year.  The first meetings were to determine the scope of the work for the year.  We met three times with different groups from Advancement to learn how the Division was organized.  Eric Doepel provided us with a report of the Stony Brook Foundation and described its function and operation.  At another meeting, we learned how the Alumni Office was set up and their activities both on and off campus, and recommendations were made.

            The last report was from Rick Guarino who directs the annual fund.  He pointed out that faculty/staff response was quite anemic.  The committee made suggestions on changes that might be made to improve the outcome and offered to help in more tangible ways.  Some of the recommendations seemed to be taken seriously.

            The committee also met with the Athletics Department and learned the structure, funding (partially), and services offered to athletes who generally had acceptable GPAs.  We learned that Joe Nathan, who was on the baseball team and now plays for the Twins, had given $500,000 to improve the baseball field.  A member of the basketball team is now making a reputation with the Harlem Globetrotters.

            Our last meeting was with the Publications staff.  Last year we noted that the Faculty Directory was published too late to be useful during the first semester.  As a result, this year it was published in a timely manner.  The Division puts out a number of publications including The Brook, and Happenings, which reach the campus and the general public.  They have worked with Milton Glaser who has been a major consultant for the "Stony Brook Brand."  They put out the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins, which will gradually all be on line, making it possible to avoid unnecessary delays in updating courses and curricula.