Student Life Committee (SLC)
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2/5/08 Meeting

In attendance:  Ed Feldman, Kevin Kelly, Norman Goodman, Jerry Stein, Jonathan Hirst, Eugene Feinberg, Juvanee Bedminster, Donna Hildenbrand, Laura Valente and Dana Antonucci.


Student Life Committee report to the University Senate
[Handouts:  Student Life Committee Report to University Senate Power Point slides]

  1. Coca-Cola contract
  2. Food service contract
  3. Informed the Senate that the report on the impact of increased enrollment on student services is being drafted.
  4. Eugene Feinberg gave a report on housing

Campus Alerts
Jerry Stein updated the committee on campus alerts that have been sent out. 

Action Item:  The SLC recommends that the Faculty Senate and Student Governments be included in talks relating to the placement of cameras on the campus. 

SUNY Compact

Under the SUNY Compact, the tripartite funding model looks like this:

            1.  New York State's Commitment
                        a. Mandatory operating costs
                                    1) Labor agreements
                                    2) General inflation
                        b. Empire innovation fund
                        c. Current and planned enrollment
                        d. Academic quality initiatives (NYS to fund 30% of these costs)
            2.  SUNY's Commitment
                        a. Innovation and efficiencies
                        b. Philanthropy
            3.  Students' Commitment
                        a. Tuition (within the parameters of a recognized inflation index for modest and predictable increases)
                                    1)  Tuition increases will go exclusively to funding
                                                a) SUNY's investment in 1,000 new full-time faculty
                                                b) Increasing course offerings
                                                c) Decreasing class size
                                                d) Bolstering student counseling
                                                e) Increasing student financial aid

Student Success Book- handed out to all freshman and new students.
[Handout: Success Book 2007-2008]

Student Reports
3 clubs are signed up at Southampton
Stony Brook hosted the Executive Committee meeting of the SUNY Assembly

Action Item:  The SLC encourages input and/or additions from students on the impact of increased enrollment on student services report.

Committee Report on Student Services

  1. Synthesize the various student service reports into one document
  2. Create an executive summary with attached data

The report needs to be focused on the impact of increased enrollment.
Action Items:

  1. Committee members to summarize the major points of their report and send a copy to Ed before the 2/19/08 committee meeting.
  2. Look over other reports and think about what the committee wants to recommend.
  3. Five Year Plan [].   The SLC should review the 5 Year Plan and see if any of the portions of the document can be tied to the SLC report.

The goal is to present the report/document at the May Senate meeting.

Laura Valente, Dean of Residential Education 
Graduate Student housing- After the start of the year, we do not have a wait for double rooms; the wait list for the entire year is for single rooms for graduate students.


Next Meeting:  February 19, 2008 at 2:30pm.