Graduate Council                                                          
March 27, 2008

Attendees:  Charles Taber (Political Science and Chair), Estie Arkin (Applied Mathematics and Statistics), Peter Gergen (Graduate School), Susana Huidobro (Graduate Student Advocate), Godlind Johnson (Library), Kent Marks (Graduate School), Lawrence Martin (Dean, Graduate School), Anne McElroy (MSRC),  Susan O’Leary (Psychology), Brian Phillips (Geosciences), IV Ramakrishnan (Computer Science), Gregory Sabino (GSO), Susan Scheckel (English), Marcia Simon (Dental School), Gina Sorrentino (GSO), Arleen Steckel (Nursing School), Jacobus Verbaarschot (Physics & Astronomy)

Absent Members:  Ruth Ben-Zvi (Economics), Debra Caffrey (Graduate School), Allegra DeLaurentiis (Philosophy)

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by the Graduate Council Chair, Charles Taber.

Approval of minutes
The minutes from the March 13, 2007 meeting were approved with minor revisions.

Chair’s Report

  • Bulletin and Solar listing of courses were discussed.  GC Chair Chuck Taber will forward concerns to the Undergraduate Council and the Registrar’s office.
  • The council discussed the GSO Resolution on Assistantship Increase and specifically addressed the question of financial inequities and the options departments have in addressing these.

Dean’s Report - Postponed

Old Business

  • The Graduate Council received information regarding the significance of the name change from Population Health and Clinical Outcomes Research to Population Health and Clinical Science Research.  The change in name resulted in the State asking for clarification from SBU, as it appears that Clinical Science Research overlaps with Translational Research, which would make this program appear broader than it is.  Chuck will inform the program that the GC does not approve of this name change for this reason.
  • The Graduate Council approved the proposal that Preliminary Committee’s do not require approval or oversight from the Dean of the Graduate School.  The Graduate School will submit a written policy for approval to the GC that covers this and other recent policy updates regarding Preliminary and Final Defense Committees.

New Business

  • The GC discussed issues regarding iBT subscores and minimum requirements.  The Graduate School will remind affected programs of their options in dealing with these issues.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
Submitted by Kent Marks