Graduate Council Minutes

Graduate Council                                                                     
May 23, 2007
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Attendees:  Charles Taber (Political Science and Chair), Andrei Antonenko (GSO),   Estie Arkin (Applied Mathematics and Statistics), Debra Caffrey (Graduate School), Beverly Campbell (Pharmacology), Allegra DeLaurentiis (Philosophy), Peter Gergen (Graduate School), Kent Marks (Graduate School), Lawrence Martin (Dean, Graduate School), Anne McElroy (MSRC),  Susan O’Leary (Psychology), Brian Phillips (Geosciences), IV Ramakrishnan (Computer Science), Marcia Simon (Dental School), Arleen Steckel (Nursing School)

Absent Members:  Godlind Johnson (Library), Celia Marshik (English)

Guest Attendees: David Bynum (Biochemistry), Karen Goldsteen (Public Health), Raymond Goldsteen (Public Health), Keith Sheppard (Biochemistry)

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by the Graduate Council Chair, Charles Taber.

Approval of minutes
The minutes from the May 2, 2007 meeting were approved.

Chair’s Report

  • Graduate Awards Ceremony: Charles attended the 2007 Graduate Awards Ceremony last week and encouraged all to attend in the future.

Old Business

  • Proposal for Doctoral Program in Population Health and Clinical Outcomes Research: The Council discussed with Drs. Raymond and Karen Goldsteen several outstanding issues with the proposal that continue to warrant clarification. Firstly, the NACES evaluation requirement for all international students is inappropriate, as the Graduate School routinely evaluates and converts international transcripts. Additionally, the proof of licensure for these students is not necessary, as the Department of Public Health is responsible for this. The Council explained that the dissertation defense committee must include three internal members and at least one external member. It is still unclear how students will fulfill their teaching requirement. A statement should be included to clarify that a TA practicum will be fulfilled. The proposal should also exclude the specific promise of funding for all students. Charles and Peter pointed out that the School of Health Technology and Management has plans to propose a new program that may have overlap in several areas. The Council encouraged Dr. Goldsteen to communicate with SHTM in order to promote collaboration rather than competitiveness.

After communicating these concerns with Dr. Goldsteen, the Council determined that the requested amendments would necessitate a full review at the beginning of the Fall semester. Charles will draft a summarized review of these requests to send to Dr. Goldsteen.

New Business

  • Letter of Intent for PhD in Science Education: Drs. Bynum and Sheppard presented a synopsis of the letter of intent. There is a large demand in the area for such a program and Stony Brook University seems an appropriate house given its science resources. The Council encouraged that the letter of intent elaborate more on this. Additionally, it was advised that the research component be expanded in the full proposal. A revised letter of intent is requested and will be circulated electronically for review.

Dean’s Report  (none)

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
Submitted by Debra Caffrey
Staff Assistant, The Graduate School