ATTENDING: Paul Bingham, Bill Dawes, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Margaret Schedel, Jen Sidorova, Larry Wittie, Pam Wolfskill, Gene Katz

Mark Maciulaitis’s budget presentation
Mark provided a power point presentation, an electronic copy of which was sent previously to all CAPRA members.

Key points
Analysis of State Budget Reductions 2008/09 – 2011/12: Mark explained the cuts that resulted in a 46.9% total budget reduction.  He discussed what kinds of things the campus has done in response to the budget reductions we’ve been hit with (expenditure actions, revenue actions and Project 50 forward initiatives

SUNY2020 plan: President Stanley worked with legislators and it’s almost a done deal.  Tuition rates will be billed at the higher rates.

Governor Cuomo pledged not to cut SUNY further and will maintain funding at current levels for the next five years, and this is also included in the relevant legislation.  However, there is a legislative loop hole if taxes fall drastically. 

Mark noted that fees at Buffalo are $500-$600 more.  President Stanley requested a “catch up” in fees to equal Buffalo.  Fees are not covered in TAP.

ACTION: Norm will speak with Matt Whelan on what the projected mix will be. 
Questions: What is the % of out of state students and % of out of the country students.  How much money is spent on UG students and how much is spent on Graduate students. Graduate education cost more.

Revenue Actions
 One item was the implementation of NY SUNY 2020.  Norm asked that the increase in number of new faculty would not be all for the Health Sciences Center but in all areas spread throughout campus.

Campus borrowed $8.1 million from the Research Foundation which has to be paid back in 3 years.

Mark stated that we will be implementing a tuition sharing program for graduate enrollments.
ACTION: Norm will follow up on reallocation of funds for the tuition sharing revenue

Mark stated that our target of nonresident enrollments is 30% out of state/country.

Mark discussed the Details behind the changes in our 11/12 state financial plan.
He also discussed the SUNY 2020 Faculty Hiring Plan from 11/12 – 15/16 which would result in 267 total faculty hires.

Other issues in Mark’s presentation
Mark explained the kinds of changes envision with the Project 50 forward budget initiative.  One change is the Responsibility Center Model (RCM) which is an all funds approach.  Money will be funneled directly to areas that make money. One goal is to make areas efficiently utilize space (Excess space will cost and there will be incentives to use space efficiently.) 

Axel Drees and Clint Rubin are on the committee to oversee this implementation.

Norm talked about the importance of Shared Governance and asked for Senate members to serve on this committee. In addition, he argued that any models that are developed by this committee should be vetted by University Senate Executive Committee before being put into place.

Other committee business
Norm will e-mail a list of all the subcommittees of CAPRA, and asked members to send him their preferences for which 3 committees they want to serve on.