ATTENDING: Paul Bingham, Michael Chiarello, Jackie Collier, Debra Dwyer, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Stalin Mafla-Trujillo, Larry Wittie, Pam Wolfskill

Norm will be meeting (as chair of CAPRA) with Provost Assanis Monday to brief him on CAPRA, its activities, and his role in the committee.

Subcommittee reports

Flow of funds:
Larry has requested FY11 budget detail. The data is very complex to organize and analyze, so the data from previous years are still being analyzed. It would help to have guidance on what questions to ask of the data. One suggestion was to track revenue from new Master’s programs.

Health Sciences Center:
Subcommittee recently met with Ken Kaushansky. Learned many interesting facts (such as the substantial flow of tuition revenue from West to East campus), and will write up a report for CAPRA.

MA/MS programs:
Michael filled in for Shmuel in reporting for this committee. A recent exchange of letters between Norm and the Graduate Council chair indicates that the Grad Council is not interested in collaborating on investigating this issue. It might make sense for this subcommittee to focus on how these new programs are affecting financial and other resources in their departments, for example whether income from new tuition is flowing as expected.

Satellite campuses:
Jackie reported that as a result of budget cuts on main campus and growth of programs at Southampton, it is now not possible to take a fiction writing class in Stony Brook. Because the Southampton programs operate on a different budget model, this effectively transfers tuition revenue from one campus to another. This does not appear to be a planned outcome, which is a problem that needs attention. The new Marine Sciences residential program at Southampton has enrolled about 20 students this fall, which was not enough to open a dorm, especially since many of those students live nearby. The success of this program will become more clear next year, when advertised SUNY-wide. The subcommittee will work to document these and other issues arising from interactions between campuses. Does Korea also fit under the purview of this subcommittee?

Shared service canters:
Pam and Bill met with Dean Squires on this issue. Their impression was that part of the drive toward shared services is being driven by projected attrition of staff (and the unlikelihood of replacing those losses). The plan is clearly being modified over time based on feedback from affected departments,

Responsibility center budget model etc:
Discussion of how to proceed lead to the conclusion that this subcommittee will draft a series of questions for Provost Assanis about its interrelated mandates.

Enrollment Planning
No report.