Present: Norm Goodman (Chair), Stalin Mafla, Margaret Schedel, Shmuel Einav, Bill Godfrey, Shamell Forbes.

Chair’s report

Chair met with the new provost to brief him on CAPRA, his role on CAPRA, and the need for the provost and CAPRA to work together to enhance the quality of the academic programs at Stony Brook.  Provost Assanis has been invited to meet with CAPRA at its next meeting, but his presence has not yet been confirmed.

There is some thought to revising the proposed undergraduate program at Songdo.  The chair sent the comprehensive report from the University Senate Executive Committee detailing the concerns about this initiative that was compiled from the review of it by CAPRA, the Undergraduate Council, the Graduate Council and the Student Life Committee.

Subcommittee reports

MA/MS subcommittee:  The subcommittee received a list of new/modified master programs.  The subcommittee will follow up with a meeting with the Graduate Council on the respective roles of each in reviewing aspects of these programs.

Satellite campuses subcommittee: Only two new master students in the Dramaturgy program at  Southampton.  No information yet on Manhattan.

Shared services centers subcommittee: There is considerable opposition in Music and the Humanities to the SSCs; a strong letter of opposition, with accompanying petition, written by undergraduate and graduate students in Music was sent to the president, provost, and dean of CAS.

HSC subcommittee: No report.

Flow of funds subcommittee:  No report

Strategic plan, responsibility center management, faculty resources subcommittee: Has not met yet.

General information

There is not yet a university-wide strategic plan, though Individual Colleges do have their strategic plans that will need to be integrated by the provost.

It is expected that this will probably be done by end of academic year.  However, in the absence of a campus-wide strategic plan it is difficult to construct a useful budget.  This is an issue that we should discuss with the provost when he meets with us.